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Thailand protests: Activists challenge monarchy by laying 'People's Plaque'
BBC News - 42 minutes ago
Trump finds a new campaign message after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death: 'Fill the seat'
NBC - 5 hours ago
Trump promises to replace Ginsburg with a woman - and soon
Associated Press - 85 minutes ago
Updated: Your Cheat Sheet to the Syrian Conflict
PBS NewsHour - 41 minutes ago
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MLB roundup: Yankees rout Red Sox for 10th straight win
One America - 2 hours ago
Supreme court: Democrats rally in bid to stop Trump filling Ginsburg's seat
Guardian - 3 hours ago
Accident or homicide? Debate lingers over cause of Texas cheerleader's fatal injuries
CBS - 3 hours ago
Sweden spared surge of virus cases but many questions remain
Associated Press - 2 hours ago
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The positions of key GOP senators on replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Axios - 65 minutes ago
Is Anyone Else Puzzled Over What Joe Biden Did the Day After Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Passing?
Townhall - 3 hours ago
Trump rally crowd chants 'Fill that seat!' as Supreme Court choice looms
FOX News - 6 hours ago
AOC Launches Shocking Attack On Those In ‘Political Middle’: They’re ‘Willing To Sacrifice Immigrants’
Daily Wire - 3 hours ago
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'A perfect storm': Why a California wildfire continues to elude firefighters
NBC - 4 hours ago
Determined mother uses grief for good with new law for missing adults in Texas
CBS - 3 hours ago
The Living and Dying of Oliver Sacks
Psychology Today - 5 hours ago
Desert communities told to evacuate as winds stoke flames
Associated Press - 29 minutes ago
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Crime & justice
Crime & justice

Can Trump and McConnell get through the 4 steps to seat a Supreme Court justice in just 6 weeks?
The Conversation - 7 hours ago
President Trump reportedly has approved the Oracle deal for TikTok’s US operations – TechCrunch
TechCrunch - 8 hours ago
San Francisco Archbishop Demands That Political Leaders ‘Free the Mass’
American Spectator - 2 hours ago
Toensing says George Soros’ influence and power is pervasive at Fox
One America - 9 hours ago
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Science & technology
Science & technology

The TikTok deal solves quite literally nothing – TechCrunch
TechCrunch - 6 hours ago
Trump gives "blessing" to U.S. TikTok partnership with Oracle and Walmart
CBS - 3 hours ago
TikTok Ban Averted: Trump Gives Oracle-Walmart Deal His 'Blessing'
NPR Online News - 5 hours ago
Oracle announces it will become a minority investor in TikTok Global after Trump indicates his approval
Business Insider - 9 hours ago
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Social issues
Social issues

A Blended Family’s Breakthrough
Psychology Today - 2 hours ago
Ginsburg death brings abortion rights urgency to US election
Al Jazeera - 41 minutes ago
‘We have been through this before.’ Why anti-Asian hate crimes are rising amid coronavirus
PBS NewsHour - 3 hours ago
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Challenged Ageism
Psychology Today - 6 hours ago
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Dallas Stars top Tampa Bay Lightning for 1-0 lead in Stanley Cup Final
USA Today - 4 hours ago
Kevin Harvick nabs 9th win of season to roll into 2nd round
Associated Press - 3 hours ago
Gareth Bale joins Tottenham: 'For Jose Mourinho the stakes are sky high'
BBC News - 3 hours ago
Nadal not interested in excuses after Rome exit
One America - 5 hours ago
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Landlords slash rents by up to 20% as tenants quit city centres in pandemic
Guardian - 3 hours ago
Trump agrees to TikTok deal
Axios - 7 hours ago
ByteDance gets Trump nod to avoid TikTok shutdown
Reuters - 4 hours ago
Trump says he has given his “blessing” to TikTok deal but that final terms are still being negotiated
Washington Post - 8 hours ago
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TikTok: Trump says Oracle deal for video app 'has my blessing'
BBC News - 5 hours ago
Oops, says Emmy: ‘This Is Us’ actor gets award after mix-up
Washington Post - 2 hours ago
Stars cruise by Lightning in Stanley Cup opener
Reuters - 3 hours ago
Lawmakers gear up for debate over new Supreme Court justice
One America - 11 hours ago
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leaves a Nuanced Legacy on Environmental Issues
Scientific American - 14 hours ago
Charleston aims to force fossil fuel companies to pay $2bn to combat climate crisis
Guardian - 4 hours ago
Don't Miss: The Zoologist's Guide to the Galaxy
New Scientist - 21 hours ago
Cold War Thaw? Navalny Poisoning. Belarus Political Instability. NATO on Russia's Doorstep - Global Research
Global Research - 9 hours ago
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Trump administration insists UN sanctions on Iran are restored. No, they're not, says United Nations
USA Today - 6 hours ago
Compromised review: Peter Strzok on Trump, Russia and the FBI
Guardian - 3 hours ago
Reviving The Conservative Heart Of Organized Labor
Daily Caller - 4 hours ago
Taiwan president says drills show China is threat to whole region
One America - 3 hours ago
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Lockdown, loneliness, and love machines: Economist Noreena Hertz's new book unpicks our troubled relationship with tech
Business Insider - 2 hours ago
Sunday’s virtual Emmy Awards set bar high with live telecast
Associated Press - 2 hours ago
Making a demon of JK Rowling is a wretched sport, born of misogyny and resentment
Guardian - 2 hours ago
The End of Reality?
offGuardian - 5 hours ago
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Nearly 11,000 people have been exposed to the coronavirus on flights, the CDC says
Washington Post - 9 hours ago
The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is so intense, it just ran out of storm names – and then two more storms formed
The Conversation - 1 day ago
What’s Causing the Mass Bird Die-Off in the Southwest?
Wired - 22 hours ago
Ministers accused of blocking plans to ban burning of UK peatlands
Guardian - 2 hours ago
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AstraZeneca says COVID-19 vaccine trial in U.S still on hold
Reuters - 3 hours ago
The 943-Dimensional Chess of a Trustworthy Covid-19 Vaccine
Wired - 23 hours ago
The right man for the job: how Bob Woodward pinned Trump to the page
Guardian - 4 hours ago
Empire's mask slips at Julian Assange trial
OpEdNews - 8 hours ago
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