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This Week in Apps: Quibi dies, Snapchat soars, Halide upgrades for iPhone 12 – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 15 hours ago
Could Trump’s Success With Cuban American Voters Help Tip Florida His Way?
ProPublica #1 - 19 hours ago
How Trump abandoned his pledge to ‘drain the swamp’
Washington Post #1 - 12 hours ago
Ex-Business Partner: Here Are the Politicians Hunter Biden Was Focused on and Why.
Townhall #1 - 15 hours ago
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North America

Left-leaning NDP projected to form majority British Columbia government: CBC
One America #2 - 3 hours ago
Hurricane force gusts prompt extremely critical fire danger in California
CBS #1 - 4 hours ago
The National Trust’s state of historical confusion
Spectator (UK) #1 - 3 hours ago
What made Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano eruption so deadly?
PBS NewsHour #3 - 84 minutes ago
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South America

Venezuela opposition leader Leopoldo López flees Caracas
Axios #1 - 5 hours ago
Biden gains as suburban women and elderly voters look to dump Trump
Guardian #2 - 3 hours ago
Two Notre Dame students killed, 1 injured after being hit by car
USA Today #3 - 7 hours ago
'What we do isn't rocket science': how FC Midtjylland started football's data revolution
Guardian #100 - 51 minutes ago
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'This is just half of me': Adele flaunts her incredible weight loss on SNL
Daily Mail #11 - 2 hours ago
The pioneering women who took on Hitler … and Fleet Street
Guardian #100 - 3 hours ago
Pompeo, Esper to push Trump’s anti-China message in India
Washington Post #100 - 2 hours ago
10 Zurich-area investors on Switzerland’s 2020 startup outlook – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 3 days ago
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Central America

Treaty to ban nuclear weapons made official with 50th UN signatory
Guardian #4 - 3 hours ago
The short, strange life of Quibi – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 1 day ago
Immigrants are still sending lots of money home despite the coronavirus job losses – for now
The Conversation #1 - 3 days ago
Now that nuclear weapons are illegal, the Pacific demands truth on decades of testing
Guardian #15 - 5 hours ago
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