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Lockdown, loneliness, and love machines: Economist Noreena Hertz's new book unpicks our troubled relationship with tech
Business Insider - 2 hours ago
Sunday’s virtual Emmy Awards set bar high with live telecast
Associated Press - 69 minutes ago
Making a demon of JK Rowling is a wretched sport, born of misogyny and resentment
Guardian - 6 minutes ago
Will California Restore Affirmative Action? - Global Research
Global Research - 41 minutes ago
The End of Reality?
offGuardian - 6 hours ago
Don't Miss: The Zoologist's Guide to the Galaxy
New Scientist - 21 hours ago
Compromised review: Peter Strzok on Trump, Russia and the FBI
Guardian - 4 hours ago
Cold War Thaw? Navalny Poisoning. Belarus Political Instability. NATO on Russia's Doorstep - Global Research
Global Research - 10 hours ago
Emmy Awards 2020: Stars prepare to dial in for virtual ceremony
BBC News - 6 hours ago
The 943-Dimensional Chess of a Trustworthy Covid-19 Vaccine
Wired - 24 hours ago
Issa Rae: ‘It’s astounding that our talent hasn’t been recognised’
Guardian - 69 minutes ago
Ig Nobel Prizes reward research on helium-huffing alligators and knives made of feces
Science - 1 day ago
Most space travellers are men despite slow rise in female astronauts
New Scientist - 1 day ago
Mathematicians May Have Figured Out How ‘Stone Forests’ Form
Wired - 21 hours ago
The right man for the job: how Bob Woodward pinned Trump to the page
Guardian - 5 hours ago
Extrajudicial Executions Portrayed as "An Instrument of Peace". Trump Wanted to "Take Out" Syria's President Assad...
Global Research - 14 hours ago
Most fertility-tracking apps are unreliable but free apps work best
New Scientist - 1 day ago
A Bluetooth Flaw Leaves Billions of Devices Vulnerable
Wired - 22 hours ago
Express yourself: why Madonna wants to tell her own life story
Guardian - 78 minutes ago
The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fandom Was Never Frivolous
Atlantic - 1 day ago
Supercool experiment reveals water is actually two liquids in one
New Scientist - 2 days ago
What’s Causing the Mass Bird Die-Off in the Southwest?
Wired - 23 hours ago
Royal Academy's cruel dilemma: sell a Michelangelo or lose 150 jobs
Guardian - 2 hours ago
Treason. Towards a "Color Revolution" in America? - Global Research
Global Research - 18 hours ago
How to spot a Starlink satellite in the night sky
New Scientist - 2 days ago
YouTube’s Plot to Silence Conspiracy Theories
Wired - 2 days ago
Reluctant European by Stephen Wall; Brexitland by Maria Sobolewska and Robert Ford – review
Guardian - 51 minutes ago
MIT engineers develop a totally flat fisheye lens that could make wide-angle cameras easier to produce – TechCrunch
TechCrunch - 1 day ago
The covid-19 pandemic was predicted – here's how to stop the next one
New Scientist - 2 days ago
The Pentagon Is Funding the Destruction of Cultural Heritage
Defense One - 23 hours ago
Trump Had Contemplated Ordering the Assassination of Bashar al-Assad - Global Research
Global Research - 20 hours ago
The Nintendo 3DS' Surprisingly Social Legacy
Wired - 2 days ago
An improbable plan to make the US-Mexico border a particle accelerator
New Scientist - 3 days ago
Kosovo awards President Trump with Order of Freedom
One America - 1 day ago
Mother and son write lockdown book to explain autism
BBC News - 9 hours ago
What Even Is ‘Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior’ on Platforms?
Wired - 2 days ago
Your shoes could be increasing the risk of a painful foot condition
New Scientist - 2 days ago
Animals Aren’t It: Pets, Pronouns, and Choices
Psychology Today - 3 days ago
Michael Schmidt: Private eye rummaged Bolton's trash for book drafts
Axios - 1 day ago
Why Wasn't Uber Charged in a Fatal Self-Driving Car Crash?
Wired - 2 days ago
Coronavirus death toll nears 1 million – how did we get here?
New Scientist - 3 days ago
‘Young people have an amazing sense of humour, because the world is ridiculous’: How Rocks is revolutionising British cinema
Independent - 76 minutes ago
4 Features of an Effective Flirtatious Facial Expression
Psychology Today - 4 days ago
Hey Students! Here's How to Deal With School in a Pandemic
Wired - 2 days ago
The way you walk may soon be used by authorities to identify you
New Scientist - 3 days ago
The Sanctuary of Trees, How to Argue with a Racist and Other New Books
Scientific American - 2 days ago
Did Biden Really Just Rehash the Story That Torched His 1988 Presidential Hopes Last Night?
Townhall - 1 day ago
The NIH Launches a Global Hunt for Animal-to-Human Diseases
Wired - 2 days ago
The horn-like knobs on a giraffe's head can be a deadly lightning rod
New Scientist - 4 days ago
Virus Prompts Pause for Peeps Holiday Treats
Snopes - 5 days ago
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