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Headlines > Social issues
Social issues

Teachers on remote school, the achievement gap, and masks in the classroom.
Slate #1 - 4 hours ago
US High School Bullying Rates Aren't Going Down
Psychology Today #1 - 9 hours ago
Anti-protesters attack 'Jews for Trump' vehicle convoy in New York City
FOX News #1 - 11 hours ago
Hillary Clinton: Most Republicans are "cowards" on Trump
Axios #1 - 10 hours ago
Banning political discussions at work is a misguided solution.
Slate #2 - 3 hours ago
Kuwait retail co-ops remove French products over Prophet cartoon
One America #1 - 14 hours ago
Pediatricians says it is now riskier to keep schools CLOSED because of mental health problems
Daily Mail #2 - 5 minutes ago
Pope names Washington archbishop first African American cardinal
Axios #1 - 12 hours ago
Human Capital: Court ruling could mean trouble for Uber and Lyft as gig workers may finally become employees – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 1 day ago
‘Just like posts on Holocaust’: Pakistani PM Khan calls on Facebook to ban all ‘ISLAMOPHOBIC’ content
RT #4 - 4 hours ago
Woman refuses to wear mask, yells racial obscenities at Black barista
Jerusalem Post #11 - 5 hours ago
Safe Sex Or Risky Romance?
Psychology Today #1 - 1 day ago
'I Had to Remind Him That He Was a Black Person': Chelsea Handler Sounds Off on 50 Cent's Support of Trump
Townhall #1 - 17 hours ago
Black D.C. archbishop’s rise marks a historic moment
PBS NewsHour #3 - 11 hours ago
Black voters motivated, but concerned about votes counting — CBS News/BET poll
CBS #2 - 12 hours ago
Art Museums in the US Are Facing a Reckoning
Jacobin #1 - 8 hours ago
WATCH: Violent Antifa Thugs Attack 'Jews for Trump' Caravan Members
Townhall #2 - 11 hours ago
Women donors emerge as new power brokers in 2020 election as Democrats look to flip the Senate
USA Today #1 - 17 hours ago
Fla. man claims he was fired in retaliation for sharing a letter about layoffs under Biden administration
One America #2 - 1 day ago
Analysis: U.S. Supreme Court nominee Barrett often rules for police in excessive force cases
Reuters #1 - 16 hours ago
The Woman Who Led Kamala Harris to This Moment
Atlantic #3 - 22 hours ago
CA appeals court upholds ruling that Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 2 days ago
COVID-19 as a Weapon. The Crushing of the Disposable Working Class - by Design - Global Research
Global Research #1 - 20 hours ago
Rudy Giuliani caught up in anti-Trump protests in Manhattan
Independent #2 - 6 hours ago
Could Trump’s Success With Cuban American Voters Help Tip Florida His Way?
ProPublica #1 - 1 day ago
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Headlines > Social issues > Social conditions & trends
Social conditions & trends

Video: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: International Message for Freedom and Hope - Global Research
Global Research #1 - 2 hours ago
Aerospace industry records worst quarter as Covid halts sales
Guardian #100 - 5 hours ago
Polish demonstrators disrupt Sunday Mass as some of Europe’s tightest abortion laws get tighter
Washington Post #25 - 6 hours ago
To Reclaim Ancestral Land, All Native Hawaiians Need Is a $300,000 Mortgage and to Wait in Line for Decades
ProPublica #2 - 1 day ago
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Headlines > Social issues > Family

Cloud9 adds the MAJKL Valorant roster to create Cloud9 White as its first women’s esports team – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 4 hours ago
‘Unthinkable’: Franklin Graham, Evangelical Leaders Push Back Against Pope’s Same-Sex Civil Union Comments
Daily Wire #1 - 2 hours ago
What Do Your Do When Your Child Is Fearful?
Psychology Today #8 - 87 minutes ago
Basketball Star Sue Bird Says WNBA Players' Activism Is 'Nonnegotiable'
NPR Online News #8 - 4 hours ago
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Headlines > Social issues > Immigration & refugees
Immigration & refugees

The Power of Mutual Aid Groups in the Age of COVID-19
Psychology Today #3 - 14 hours ago
Khartoum agrees to accept Sudanese migrants deported from Israel – report
Jerusalem Post #1 - 22 hours ago
Why Trump Is Losing White Suburban Women
FiveThirtyEight #1 - 5 days ago
Dear Sophie: What visa options exist for a grad co-founding a startup? – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #2 - 4 days ago
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Headlines > Social issues > Minorities

Police video of fatal shooting of motorist in Illinois will be released
Reuters #1 - 39 minutes ago
Pope Francis appoints first Black American cardinal
CBS #2 - 86 minutes ago
3 Reasons People Don't Adopt Black Cats
Psychology Today #2 - 5 hours ago
A Voting Rights Battle in a School Board ‘Coup’
New York Times #9 - 5 hours ago
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Headlines > Social issues > Religion

The Muslim World denounces French President's remarks against Islam, its prophet
OpEdNews #1 - 87 minutes ago
Morocco condemns publication of Prophet Mohammad cartoons – statement
Jerusalem Post #1 - 5 hours ago
Pope Francis for the Supreme Court?
Psychology Today #4 - 7 hours ago
Jewish leaders pen open letter in support of President Trump ahead of election
FOX News #5 - 6 hours ago
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Headlines > Social issues > Sex

Birds, Bees, and B.S.: Lies Told in Sex Education
Psychology Today #3 - 7 hours ago
Poles Vent Fury at New Ban on Abortions of Defective Fetuses
Snopes #1 - 2 days ago
Activists In Poland Protest After Court Rules Women Can’t Abort Babies With Congenital Defects
Daily Wire #3 - 11 hours ago
Twentyeight Health is a telemedicine company expanding access to women’s health and reproductive care – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 2 weeks ago
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