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Putin says American presence in Afghanistan is beneficial to Moscow's interests, rubbishes claims of ‘Russian bounties to Taliban’
RT #1 - 6 hours ago
US announces new Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire as fighting persists
Jerusalem Post #9 - 6 hours ago
Israel set to permit US warplanes sale to UAE
One America #1 - 1 day ago
Russia and United States Get Closer on Signing Nuclear Agreement - Global Research
Global Research #3 - 14 hours ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Nuclear weapons
Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons treaty: Campaigners hail new era for nuclear disarmament
BBC News #4 - 16 hours ago
Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons Passes Important Threshold
New York Times #100 - 7 hours ago
UN nuclear ban treaty goes into effect on January 22nd
Jerusalem Post #4 - 18 hours ago
The Hijacking of the United Nations Security Council Continues - Global Research
Global Research #7 - 15 hours ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Missiles

Video: Armenia Launches Ballistic Missiles on Azerbaijan Amid Retreat in Nagorno-Karabakh Region - Global Research
Global Research #1 - 2 days ago
North Korea unveils new ballistic missile during military parade
Axios #1 - 2 weeks ago
North Korea may be prepping submarine-launched ballistic missile test, U.S. weapons experts warn
NBC #1 - 2 months ago
Behind Anduril’s Effort to Create an Operating System for War
Wired #4 - 2 weeks ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Warships

The Marines Corps is rolling out a 'subversive' new strategy to take on China
Business Insider #1 - 4 hours ago
Navy training plane crashes into Alabama neighborhood, killing 2 pilots
NBC #5 - 1 day ago
Two Sailors on USS Theodore Roosevelt Test Positive for Covid-19
Wall Street Journal #1 - 8 days ago
Chief of Naval Operations Outlines Future for Drones, Minicarriers
Defense One #1 - 2 weeks ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Military aircraft
Military aircraft

Officials: Two Crew Members Killed After U.S. Navy Plane Crashes In Alabama Neighborhood
Daily Wire #1 - 1 day ago
U.S. fighter jets intercept Russian bombers near Alaska
CBS #2 - 5 days ago
Army Halts Apache Deliveries After Boeing Finds Improper Record-Keeping At Helicopter Factory
Defense One #2 - 9 days ago
A US Navy training aircraft crashed into an Alabama neighborhood, killing both crew members on board
Business Insider #7 - 1 day ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Arms control & disarmament
Arms control & disarmament

UN Secy. General: World living in shadow of nuclear catastrophe
One America #2 - 3 weeks ago
Trump's hopes of nuclear deal with Putin come down to the wire
Axios #3 - 2 days ago
U.S., Russia Near Deal to Extend Nuclear Treaty, Freeze Warheads for a Year
Wall Street Journal #6 - 5 days ago
As Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty Nears Force, US Urges Nations to Withdraw
Consortium News #2 - 3 days ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Biological & chemical weapons
Biological & chemical weapons

How German military scientists likely identified the nerve agent used to attack Alexei Navalny
Science #1 - 2 months ago
Westerners prevent Security Council hearing
Voltaire Network #1 - 3 weeks ago
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent in Russia, Germany says
NBC #2 - 2 months ago
OPCW Rubber-Stamps Novichok Poisoning of Navalny Hoax - Global Research
Global Research #1 - 3 weeks ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Arms exports
Arms exports

The F-35 sale to the UAE is a self-imposed saga - analysis
Jerusalem Post #10 - 10 hours ago
UN arms embargo on Iran expires as world ignores U.S. "snapback" claims
Axios #1 - 7 days ago
Iran Free to Buy and Sell Arms - Global Research
Global Research #1 - 7 days ago
Pompeo: US to sanction any country which makes arms deals with Iran
One America #2 - 6 days ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Military bases & personnel
Military bases & personnel

Trump pays tribute to the 'extraordinary sacrifice' of Americans who lost their lives on Sept. 11
FOX News #1 - 6 weeks ago
Military Bases Never Go Unused - Global Research
Global Research #6 - 7 days ago
U.S. military needs to take 'hard look' at Confederacy symbols, base names, top general says
Reuters #1 - 4 months ago
Where are the Black officers? US Army shows diversity in its ranks but few promotions to the top
USA Today #3 - 2 months ago
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Headlines > Military > Weapons > Autonomous weapons
Autonomous weapons

Want Real Security? Create Better Global Digital Rules and Norms
Defense One #2 - 2 days ago
Command (C2) Systems Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Pentagon’s AI ‘Ghost Fleet’ Is More than Just Scary — It’s Unwise. - Global Research
Global Research #2 - 10 days ago
The Coming Revolution in Intelligence Affairs
Foreign Affairs #1 - 2 months ago
A Dogfight Renews Concerns About AI's Lethal Potential
Wired #3 - 2 months ago
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