Marjorie Taylor Greene got into a screaming match with Rep. Cheney over 'Jewish space lasers' comment
Business Insider #3 - 2 hours ago

Florida Jewish community organizes food for precinct that lost an office
Jerusalem Post #3 - 3 hours ago

ACLU sues Texas school district for punishing boys with long hair
Axios #1 - 9 hours ago

Why Meds Aren’t the Gold Standard for Helping Kids With ADHD
Psychology Today #1 - 16 hours ago

Outraged North Carolina parent calls out 'racist' banner taunting football team's White privilege
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The Raiders Had More Black Players Than Any NFL Team. Then Jon Gruden Took Over The Roster.
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Inequality Index signals October jobs growth for lower-income Americans
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Texas Asks Supreme Court To ‘Reconsider’ Roe V. Wade If It Takes Up Abortion Law Case
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The ‘Broadband Gap’ Is Now a Housing Problem
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Reconstructing America
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10 Researched Infidelity Risk Factors
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‘He’s Still Sleeping’: Elon Musk Slams Biden After He Ignores SpaceX’s Historic Civilian Flight
Daily Wire #2 - 5 hours ago

Snapchat to introduce family safety tools to protect minors using its app – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 1 day ago

NFL, Players Agree to End ‘Race-Norming’ in $1B Settlement
Snopes #2 - 13 hours ago

Jobless Claims Hit New Pandemic Low As Number Of Americans Receiving Unemployment Benefits Falls To 3.3 Million
Forbes #1 - 15 hours ago

Florida Surgeon General Picks Apart 'Very Weak' Data on Masking Children
Townhall #1 - 14 hours ago

UpEquity, a digital mortgage startup that makes all cash offers, secures $50M in debt and equity – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 1 day ago

White House announces plan to open up union options to federal employees
One America #1 - 13 hours ago

US Orthodox rabbis accused of secretly being Evangelical Christians
Jerusalem Post #1 - 9 hours ago

Why Is Everyone Quitting Their Job?
Socialist Alternative #1 - 3 hours ago

Dear Sophie: Any suggestions for recruiting international tech talent? – TechCrunch
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White evangelicals dealing with racial issues and faith: "If I've been wrong about that, what else have I been wrong about?"
CBS #1 - 14 hours ago

How Democrats’ Failure To Pass A Voting Rights Bill Fits A Pattern Of Failing Voters Of Color
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Red hot: Houston firefighters’ pension fund goes crypto
Al Jazeera #6 - 8 hours ago

Calling Sinema an Obstacle to Progress, 5 Veterans Quit Her Advisory Council
New York Times #2 - 12 hours ago

Why We Can’t Definitively Say TikTok Causes Tics
Snopes #1 - 6 hours ago

Anti-Israel Groups Are Spearheading the ‘Grassroots’ Campaign Pushing Amazon and Google to Cut Business Ties With Israel
Washington Free Beacon #1 - 9 hours ago

Afghan evacuees start to leave U.S. military sites as part of new resettlement phase
CBS #2 - 14 hours ago

We are in a housing crisis
Canary #1 - 2 hours ago

When Do Online Discussions Become Heated?
Psychology Today #1 - 13 hours ago

The Roberts Court vs. The Trump Court
FiveThirtyEight #1 - 1 day ago

Podcast: Latino home ownership is on the rise
Axios #1 - 1 day ago

‘Simply monstrous’: Putin says teaching young children they can easily swap genders is a ‘borderline crime against humanity’
RT #1 - 6 hours ago

Does ‘white privilege’ exist?
Spectator (UK) #1 - 5 hours ago

Maritime recruitment platform Seafair gets $5.7M led by General Catalyst – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 2 days ago

Tabletop RPG Workers Say Their Jobs Are No Fantasy
Wired #2 - 2 days ago

White House rolls out plan to vaccinate kids ages 5 to 11 against Covid
NBC #1 - 1 day ago

“David’s Law”: How the Amess attack will be used to control the internet
offGuardian #1 - 2 hours ago

Fight against racism is noble cause, but in ‘cancel culture’ it turns into reverse discrimination, pushing people apart – Putin
RT #1 - 7 hours ago

How Ending Drug Tests Can Create Greater Workplace Equity
Time #1 - 1 day ago

Israel to approve new construction in West Bank settlements
Axios #5 - 4 hours ago

Southwest Airlines travel meltdown cost it $75 MILLION after 2,000 flights were canceled
Daily Mail #3 - 2 hours ago

Australian Town Overwhelmed by Response to Free Land Offer
Snopes #2 - 10 hours ago

‘We don’t feel our kids are safe’: Outrage over pedophiles in NYC shelter
New York Post #3 - 37 minutes ago

Democrats are pushing for permanent monthly child tax credit payments. They might have to settle for a one-year extension.
CBS #3 - 22 minutes ago

Pediatric groups declare youth mental health crisis a national emergency
Axios #2 - 5 hours ago

Human rights activists: UN must not recognize Taliban
One America #5 - 6 hours ago

[From the Scene] Teens eager to put pandemic behind them, return to school
Korea Herald #1 - 3 days ago

Lawmakers ask Biden administration to terminate ICE contracts, saying immigrants faced 'retaliation after reporting sexual assault'
Business Insider #1 - 3 hours ago

Migrants and Refugees Face an Invisible Trauma We Can’t Ignore
Time #5 - 4 hours ago

Kevin McCarthy: Addressing Border Crisis Will Be 'Top Priority' If GOP Takes Back the House
Townhall #2 - 6 hours ago

Deportation threats for some students come from within schools
The Conversation #4 - 12 hours ago

ACLU alleges discrimination after Hawaii police handcuff Black 10-year-old girl
NBC #5 - 2 hours ago

Utah school district allowed ‘serious and widespread racial harassment,’ Justice Dept. finds
Washington Post - 2 hours ago

Another report hits media for lack of Latinos in films, TV
Axios #4 - 9 hours ago

Chappelle Special Spurs Netflix Walkout; ‘Trans Lives Matter’
Snopes #2 - 14 hours ago

Van Gogh painting looted by Nazis expected to sell for $30 million
Jerusalem Post - 67 minutes ago

Finding the Meaning of Life Is Easier Than You Think
Atlantic #3 - 15 hours ago

Hindu Extremists Declare War on Interfaith Love
Vice #1 - 7 hours ago

Jewish Southlake residents on administrator’s Holocaust remark: 'There are not two sides'
NBC #1 - 2 days ago

The Fate of Roe v. Wade May Rest on This Woman's Shoulders
Time #5 - 6 hours ago

Garland set to testify at House hearing with DOJ mired in controversies
FOX News #4 - 16 hours ago

Actor Kim Seon-ho ads taken down amid controversy
Korea Herald #13 - 2 days ago

Merrick Garland to Face Lawmakers’ Questions on Steve Bannon, Abortion, Voting Rights
Wall Street Journal #7 - 13 hours ago

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