Sanders turns up heat on Manchin, Sinema with tweet on voting rights bills
FOX News #1 - 3 months ago

Judge: Georgia Voters Can Challenge Greene’s Reelection Run
Snopes #1 - 2 days ago

Microsoft PAC blacklists election objectors and shifts lobbying weight towards progressive organizations – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 12 months ago

A Trump-appointed official who gets an important vote on whether Trump broke election laws spoke at a Texas GOP event where he was billed as a part of the 'Trump Elections Team'
Business Insider #7 - 5 days ago

FEC fines Clinton and DNC for misreporting Steele dossier funding
Axios #1 - 3 months ago

What's in Democrats' latest voting legislation, and what would the bills do?
NBC #1 - 6 months ago

The Lawsuit Against Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Beyond Laughable
Townhall #1 - 18 hours ago

Unilever sells local Ben & Jerry’s business to Israeli firm
Al Jazeera #10 - 5 days ago

Jayapal urges Biden to take executive action to deliver Build Back Better for Americans
FOX News #2 - 6 weeks ago

Top FEC Official’s Undisclosed Ties to Trump Raise Concerns Over Agency Neutrality
ProPublica #3 - 13 months ago

Supreme Court strikes down limit on repaying campaign loans in win for Ted Cruz
CBS #3 - 5 weeks ago

Sale Puts Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Back in West Bank, Kind Of
Time #9 - 5 days ago

Biden to sign voter registration executive order as he pushes Senate to pass sweeping HR 1 bill
FOX News #1 - 4 months ago

Democrats used to rail against 'dark money.' Now they're better at it than the GOP.
NBC #1 - 10 months ago

Presidential Medal of Freedom to be awarded to Biles, McCain, Giffords, Jobs
PBS NewsHour #13 - 4 days ago

Opinion | This July Fourth, we’re torn over what we love about our country
Washington Post #10 - 2 days ago

Biden celebrates House passing HR 1, Dems' campaign bill, vows work to 'refine and advance' legislation
FOX News #1 - 10 months ago

Microsoft ends donations to lawmakers who refused to certify election
Axios #1 - 8 months ago

GOP Blocks Voting Rights Bill From Moving Forward In Senate
Forbes #1 - 8 months ago

Text messages from Greene put new focus on martial law testimony
NBC #3 - 2 months ago

Voters move to block Trump ally Madison Cawthorn from re-election
Guardian #1 - 3 months ago

Senate to introduce comprehensive voting reform, anti-corruption bill
Axios #1 - 11 months ago

3 Ways to Avoid Them-and-Us Thinking This Election Season
Psychology Today #2 - 10 months ago

AOC slams Kyrsten Sinema's filibuster 'defeatism': 'Our job is to help people'
FOX News #2 - 2 months ago

House Democrats just passed their massive voting rights bill HR 1
Vox #1 - 4 months ago

Ben & Jerry's objects to sale of its ice cream in West Bank
CBS #26 - 5 days ago

House Approves Major Election And Campaign Finance Reform Bill
NPR Online News #1 - 7 months ago

Schumer on filibuster carve-out for voting legislation: 'Everything is on the table'
FOX News #2 - 4 weeks ago

Columbine happened 23 years ago. How is America still no further forward?
Guardian #2 - 6 weeks ago

Harry Reid, Shrewd Ex-Senate Majority Leader, Dies
Time #2 - 2 weeks ago

A Flood Of Outside Money Is Pouring Into 2020 Races, Alarming Transparency Advocates
NPR Online News #1 - 9 months ago

Schumer, Pelosi-affiliated groups funnel millions in anonymous donor cash into midterm elections
FOX News #5 - 2 months ago

Bloomberg: Biden sets new record taking dark money donations
One America #2 - 6 months ago

Bipartisan group pushes reforms to protect election officials
Axios #2 - 4 months ago

WATCH LIVE: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fights court challenge to her reelection
PBS NewsHour #3 - 2 months ago

Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson explains why he was only Dem to vote against massive HR 1 election bill
FOX News #2 - 10 months ago
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