Biden Hits Record Low Approval Ratings

Last updated 3 months ago

Theodore Roosevelt Statue Removed from NYC's Natural History Museum

Last updated 6 months ago

Novel "Maus" Removed from Tennessee School Curriculum

Last updated 5 months ago

Margaret Thatcher Statue Egged Within Hours of Unveiling

Last updated 7 years ago

Got Him: Police Nab Suspected Gunman Behind Parade Massacre In Chicago Suburb
Daily Wire #1 - 7 hours ago

What we know about the Highland Park mass shooting
PBS NewsHour #3 - 1 day ago

How Culturally Significant Mammals Tell the Story of Social Ascension for Black Americans
Scientific American #1 - 18 hours ago

[Feature] Korea’s forgotten polychrome paintings rediscovered
Korea Herald - 7 days ago

Why do we still care so much about what JK Rowling has to say?
Independent #1 - 16 hours ago

Finally, a Novel That Gets the Internet Right
Wired #1 - 2 weeks ago

Where Do the Words We Call Our Fathers Come From?
Psychology Today #1 - 2 weeks ago

Memories of Korean War outbreak on June 25 transcended in art
Korea Herald - 2 weeks ago

We Now Know
Atlantic #1 - 6 days ago

Why Twitter Can Be a Perfect Portfolio for Artists
Wired #1 - 2 weeks ago

Ancient Women’s Teeth Reveal Origins of 14-Century Black Death
Scientific American #1 - 3 weeks ago

[Well-curated weekend] Learn about mythical creatures of Korean legends to better understand Korean dramas
Korea Herald - 2 weeks ago

AI translates maths problems into code to make them easier to solve
New Scientist #1 - 4 weeks ago

Blake Lemoine Says Google's LaMDA AI Faces 'Bigotry'
Wired #1 - 3 weeks ago

Zoom and Enhance (kinda) go from fact to fiction with Picsart’s AI image enhancer – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 4 weeks ago

Seoul to provide online language classes to foreigners
Korea Herald - 7 days ago

A provocative exhibit at NYC's Met Museum takes a new point of view
NPR Online News #6 - 2 days ago

UK visa for top scientists was given to just one person in first year
New Scientist #1 - 5 weeks ago

Wow, Facebook really knows how to give someone a send-off! – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 4 weeks ago

NFT Art 101 Conference discusses copyright issues
Korea Herald - 2 weeks ago

See the Mysterious Sea Creatures that Only Come Up at Night
Scientific American #1 - 4 weeks ago

Nobel Sold for Ukrainian Kids Shatters Record at $103.5M
Snopes #1 - 8 hours ago

Dear Sophie: How do we qualify for each of the O-1A criteria? – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 5 weeks ago

Daegu FC forward Cesinha named K League's top player for May
Korea Herald #1 - 3 weeks ago

Biden will award the Medal of Freedom to Biles, McCain, Giffords and others
NPR Online News #1 - 4 days ago

1st Native American US Treasurer to Be Appointed, Head Mint
Snopes #1 - 9 hours ago

Children's lack of time in nature is 'appalling', says Jane Goodall
New Scientist #1 - 5 weeks ago

[Newsmaker] 18-year-old Lim Yun-chan wins the 17th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Korea Herald - 2 weeks ago

How math and language can combine to map the globe and create strong passwords, using the power of 3 random words
The Conversation #2 - 3 weeks ago

Wreck of 17th-Century Royal Warship Found off UK Coast
Snopes #1 - 3 hours ago

Move over Picasso, watching this robot paint a car is mesmerizing – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 2 months ago

French artist awakens the senses of pandemic-weary people
Korea Herald #4 - 3 weeks ago

Beach reads for business folk
Economist #1 - 4 days ago

Tony Moments: A Night for Broadway to Reclaim Its Groove
Snopes #1 - 8 hours ago

Bonobos cofounder Andy Dunn is taking public his secret battle with bipolar disorder – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 2 months ago

[What should I call you?] Why ‘Mr. Strange’ is a no-go in Korean language
Korea Herald #6 - 3 weeks ago
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