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Biden Family’s Corruption Is Nothing New And Largely Legal
Townhall #1 - 7 hours ago
The ten worst Covid data failures
Spectator (UK) #2 - 2 hours ago
Was Quibi the good kind of startup failure? – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 13 hours ago
A Permissive Pope for a Permissive Age
American Spectator #2 - 2 hours ago
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Headlines > World > Europe > Western Europe
Western Europe

How the Nazi’s defense of ‘just following orders’ plays out in the mind
PBS NewsHour #1 - 84 minutes ago
France recalls ambassador to Turkey over Erdoğan's Macron "mental checks" jibe
Axios #2 - 2 hours ago
How Kamala Harris and Jill Biden are subverting stepmom stigma in America
NBC #3 - 3 hours ago
France recalls ambassador from Turkey after Erdogan urges Macron to seek ‘mental help’ over his attitude towards Muslims
RT #1 - 2 hours ago
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Headlines > World > Europe > Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe

This Is Why You Are Attracted To Conspiracy Theories
Psychology Today #1 - 3 hours ago
Death, Money, and the Dueling Frauds: Trump and Biden
offGuardian #1 - 4 hours ago
Biden’s Hostility to Israel
American Spectator #1 - 2 hours ago
WATCH: CNBC Host Taunts Cotton About Big Tech Suppression Of Biden Story. Cotton’s Matchless Answer Leaves Him Speechless.
Daily Wire #2 - 3 hours ago
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Southern Europe

Venezuela opposition leader Leopoldo López flees Caracas
Axios #1 - 6 hours ago
Treaty to ban nuclear weapons made official with 50th UN signatory
Guardian #4 - 3 hours ago
Iran, Turkey and Qatar condemn France over religious 'desecration'
Jerusalem Post #7 - 84 minutes ago
Deep Science: Alzheimer’s screening, forest-mapping drones, machine learning in space, more – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 1 day ago
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Northern Europe

'What we do isn't rocket science': how FC Midtjylland started football's data revolution
Guardian #100 - 84 minutes ago
Uh-Oh. Russia's Laptev Sea Should Have Started to Freeze by Now
Wired #1 - 23 hours ago
Has the Drug-Based Approach to Mental Illness Failed?
Scientific American #1 - 7 days ago
The Case for Reviving the Civilian Conservation Corps
Wired #1 - 1 day ago
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Headlines > World > Europe > Balkans

How Trump abandoned his pledge to ‘drain the swamp’
Washington Post #1 - 12 hours ago
EU parliamentarians: Hate has no place in the Palestinian curriculum
Jerusalem Post #1 - 20 hours ago
Poland's President Andrzej Duda tests positive for coronavirus
NBC #16 - 20 hours ago
Trump Announces Another Country Has Normalized Relations with Israel
Townhall #1 - 1 day ago
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