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Charleston aims to force fossil fuel companies to pay $2bn to combat climate crisis
Guardian - 4 hours ago
Nearly 11,000 people have been exposed to the coronavirus on flights, the CDC says
Washington Post - 9 hours ago
The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is so intense, it just ran out of storm names – and then two more storms formed
The Conversation - 1 day ago
What’s Causing the Mass Bird Die-Off in the Southwest?
Wired - 22 hours ago
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Hurricanes and tropical storms
Hurricanes and tropical storms

White House to give $13B in aid to Puerto Rico
One America - 1 day ago
Tropical Storm Beta prompts hurricane watch for parts of Texas
CBS - 17 hours ago
The White House is expected to announce massive disaster relief for Puerto Rico 3 years after Trump tossed paper towels to survivors of Hurricane Maria
Business Insider - 2 days ago
The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is so intense, it just ran out of storm names
The Conversation - 1 day ago
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Snow and snowstorms
Snow and snowstorms

Winter wonderland arrives for the Rockies three days after temperatures hit 100 degrees
NBC - 2 weeks ago
Heat wave in West bringing wildfire threat as Colorado prepares for winter storm
FOX News - 2 weeks ago
In 48 Hours, Colorado's Wild Weather Sets Records For Both Heat And Snow
NPR Online News - 2 weeks ago
Wild temperature drop: September snowstorm wallops Denver, a day after temps in the 90s
USA Today - 2 weeks ago
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Families struggle as heavy rain, more floods expected in Sudan
Al Jazeera - 1 day ago
Live updates: Sally crawls toward Gulf Coast, New Orleans with risk of ‘life-threatening’ surge and flooding
Washington Post - 5 days ago
Devastating flooding in Afghanistan kills at least 100 people
Electronic Frontier Foundation - 3 weeks ago
Florida fire rescue team saves ducklings trapped in storm drain as Tropical Storm Isaias neared
FOX News - 2 months ago
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