NYT Drops "Fetus" as Wordle Answer After SCOTUS Leak

    Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images [via The Guardian]

    The Facts

    • On Mon., the New York Times (NYT) intervened to swap the word "fetus" as the intended solution of the day's Wordle answer with the word "shine."

    • The NYT, which around 3 months ago acquired the popular game that gives players six chances to guess a five-letter word, stated that the solution was too politically charged, and wanted Wordle to "remain distinct from the news".

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Although the controversy around Roe v. Wade is significant to American society, the Times' edit seems a dramatic overreaction. Not only did the last-minute swap confuse users, some questioned whether the NYT used "engagement bait" to reel in readers.

    Left narrative

    The decision to switch "fetus" with a benign word was a sensitive and respectful one, as many face the stress and uncertainty of having their rights eroded. An appropriate move from the country's newspaper of record.

    Political split



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