Blizzard is encouraging its own employees to attend Wednesday’s walkout with paid time off
Verge #2 - 4 hours ago

DC police officer says Capitol rioters tried to recruit him because he was white
Independent #1 - 2 hours ago

Lawmakers wiped away tears while hearing testimony and watching videos of the riot on January 6 during a congressional hearing
Business Insider #1 - 3 hours ago

SWASTIKA in State Department elevator prompts condemnations from Blinken, Israel
RT #1 - 61 minutes ago

‘A homophobe’s dream’: Ghana draft law could criminalise LGBT+ people, allies and advocates
Independent #2 - 2 hours ago

Banning Jim Jordan saved the House investigation into Jan. 6.
Slate #1 - 3 hours ago

Workers who fix Apple's laptops say their workplace is a 'sweatshop,' with broken air-conditioning, feces-covered toilet seats, and 13-hour workdays
Business Insider #1 - 11 hours ago

‘Mossad cell’ arrested over plans to provoke violence during ongoing protests in Iran, Tehran claims
RT #1 - 9 hours ago

Lenovo ThinkBook 13S review: business on a budget
Verge #3 - 14 hours ago

House select committee hearing on Jan. 6 mob exposes the worst GOP hypocrisy
NBC #1 - 2 hours ago

America has become the Taliban’s unlikely ally in Afghanistan
Independent #1 - 12 hours ago

'A gag order for life' — How tech giants use secretive legal contracts for their employees to create a culture of silence in Silicon Valley
Business Insider #1 - 17 hours ago

CDC reinstitutes mask recommendations for some vaccinated people
Verge #1 - 8 hours ago

CDC recommends masks for all K-12 students, even those who have been vaccinated
NBC #1 - 3 hours ago

CDC will ask VACCINATED Americans to mask up again – reports
RT #1 - 7 hours ago

CDC Now Recommends Vaccinated Americans Mask Up If Living In High Transmission Area
Daily Caller #1 - 3 hours ago

Activision Blizzard employees to walk out following sexual harassment lawsuit
Verge #2 - 10 hours ago

Tears, terrorists and traumatic brain injuries: The January 6 hearing was raw, emotional and unsettling
Independent #1 - 5 hours ago

‘It Was About Checking The Government, Not Anti-Blackness’: Black Gun Owners Respond To ACLU’s Claim Second Amendment Is Racist
Daily Caller #1 - 86 minutes ago

US drone whistleblower Daniel Hale sentenced to 45 months in prison
RT #1 - 6 hours ago

Nothing officially reveals its $99 Ear (1) true wireless earbuds
Verge #1 - 14 hours ago

Internet down - latest update: Major outage hits Amazon, UPS, PlayStation and dozens more
Independent #1 - 5 days ago

UK coronavirus cases have been dropping dramatically over the last week. Vaccines aren't the only reason why.
Business Insider #1 - 1 day ago

Experts back CDC change on masks as delta variant spreads
NBC #2 - 60 minutes ago

How a teen punk led a movement for disabled people online
Verge #1 - 14 hours ago

Thank you, Gillian Anderson, for releasing us from the scourge of bras
Independent #1 - 2 weeks ago

Lavish off-sites, $7,000 'perks allowances,' and free housecleaning: Businesses are devising new ways to make WFH actually work
Business Insider #1 - 3 days ago

Why empty offices aren't being turned into housing, despite lengthy vacancies
NBC #1 - 2 days ago

Rayssa Leal’s skateboarding went viral on Vine — she just won an Olympic medal
Verge #2 - 1 day ago

Olympics swimming schedule: Day-by-day events and times for finals at Tokyo 2020
Independent #3 - 2 hours ago

The U.S. Women’s Simone-Less Silver Medal Was a Triumph
Slate #1 - 5 hours ago

U.S. women win silver in team gymnastics final after Simone Biles withdraws 'due to medical issue'
NBC #1 - 10 hours ago

Microsoft reports weaker Surface and Windows revenue amid global chip shortage
Verge #2 - 7 hours ago

This Asian payments fintech is coming for the US. Check out the pitch deck Nium used to raise $200 million at a $1 billion valuation.
Business Insider #1 - 23 hours ago

Progressive politicians blast Bezos for spaceflight and not paying taxes
Independent #1 - 6 days ago

‘You guys paid for all this’: Internet fumes as billionaire Bezos thanks Amazon employees, customers for funding his trip to space
RT #1 - 6 hours ago

How to turn yourself into a cartoon for your next Zoom call
Verge #1 - 12 hours ago

Dua Lipa responds to DaBaby controversy: ‘I stand 100 per cent with the LGBTQ community’
Independent #4 - 2 hours ago

If Simone Is “Nope”-ing Out of the Olympics, Should We Follow?
Slate #2 - 2 hours ago

How Many Viewers Are Actually Watching ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2?
Observer (NY) #1 - 4 hours ago

How to responsibly get rid of the stuff you’ve decluttered
Verge #11 - 1 day ago

Global meat industry ‘using tobacco company tactics’ to downplay role in driving climate crisis, investigation claims
Independent #1 - 8 days ago

‘Coon Island’ renamed by Australian councilors despite local opposition after name deemed ‘genuinely racist’
RT #1 - 1 day ago

Jeff Bezos left planet Earth and returned victorious, completing Blue Origin's first passenger spaceflight
Business Insider #1 - 7 days ago

Trump news latest: Live updates as Biden warns president over obstructing transition
Independent #1 - 7 months ago

US regulator restricts flights over Afghanistan due to ‘militant activity’ as deadline for American troop withdrawal looms
RT #1 - 16 hours ago

The Pentagon says US troops will be out of Afghanistan by the end of August, well ahead of Biden's September 11 deadline
Business Insider #1 - 3 weeks ago

Trump vetoes military spending bill, setting up standoff with GOP lawmakers
NBC #1 - 7 months ago

Blizzard is removing unspecified inappropriate references from World of Warcraft
Verge #6 - 3 hours ago

Finally, shows like Sex/Life are getting ballsy with full-frontal nudity
Independent #1 - 3 weeks ago

Major publishers are refusing to offer a book deal to a 'radioactive' Trump, report says
Business Insider #1 - 6 weeks ago

Hotlines restored between two Koreas
Korea Herald #1 - 7 hours ago

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an impressive Xbox Series X workout
Verge #1 - 1 day ago

One killed in Grand Canyon as warnings of flash floods and thunderstorms across US this weekend
Independent #1 - 10 days ago

London hit with FLASH FLOODS as torrential rain turns roads into rivers in UK capital (VIDEOS)
RT #1 - 2 days ago

The climate crisis is already upending American real estate — with trillions at stake
Business Insider #1 - 2 days ago

White House press sec Jen Psaki says Biden doesn't want to 'fight' Fox News after Trump 'completely destroyed trust in media' and institutions
Business Insider #1 - 1 day ago

US secretary of state ‘not seen evidence’ Hamas were operating in media tower block destroyed by airstrike
Independent #1 - 2 months ago

Chinese state newspaper lashes out at BBC for ‘fabricating stories’ about journalists ‘attacked’ while covering floods
RT #2 - 8 hours ago

DOJ internal watchdog to investigate Trump-era leak hunt targeting lawmakers, journalists
NBC #1 - 2 months ago

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