Hurricane Sam Is Latest Monster in Active Storm Season
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Can burying power lines protect storm-wracked electric grids? Not always
The Conversation #1 - 2 months ago

New Orleans: Seniors Left in Dark, Hot Facilities After Ida
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New York City Wasn’t Built for 21st Century Storms
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Hurricane Ida: How Climate Change Is Influencing Storms
Scientific American #1 - 6 weeks ago

Hurricane Ida: 2 reasons for its record-shattering rainfall in NYC and the Northeast long after the winds weakened
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Shortages of Supplies and Workers Will Delay Gulf Rebuilding
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New Orleans Was Already a 'Heat Island.' Then Ida Cut the Power
Wired #2 - 5 weeks ago

Deaths from Hurricane Ida Expose Flaws in FEMA Flood Maps
Scientific American #2 - 2 weeks ago

Hurricane Ida turned into a monster thanks to a giant warm patch in the Gulf of Mexico – here’s what happened
The Conversation #1 - 5 weeks ago

Biden Directs Federal Aid to NY, NJ After Deadly Flooding
Snopes #1 - 11 hours ago

Ida strengthens into major Category 4 hurricane ahead of US landfall: LIVE UPDATES
FOX News #1 - 10 days ago

How Warming Is Affecting Northern Storms Like Henri
Scientific American #1 - 3 weeks ago

Weather and climate disasters have cost the U.S. over $100 billion in 2021
Axios #2 - 9 days ago

Thousands Face Weeks Without Power in Ida’s Aftermath
Snopes #1 - 15 hours ago

Entergy Resisted Upgrading New Orleans’ Power Grid. When Ida Hit, Residents Paid the Price.
ProPublica #1 - 4 weeks ago

Henri strengthens into hurricane, barrels toward several states: LIVE UPDATES
FOX News #1 - 3 weeks ago

New York pledges $27 million for undocumented immigrants affected by Ida
Axios #1 - 3 weeks ago

Ida Weakens As Rescues Begin and Damage Checked in Louisiana
Snopes #1 - 16 hours ago

What Is a 'Bomb Cyclone'? West Coast Weather Phenomenon Explained
Newsweek #18 - 20 hours ago

Property owners are paying up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to lift their homes above flood zones during dangerous hurricane season
Business Insider #1 - 6 weeks ago

White House targeting economic risks from climate change
NBC #29 - 6 days ago

After Ida, Small Recovery Signs Amid Daunting Destruction
Snopes #1 - 9 hours ago

Hurricane Ida: What It'll Take for New Orleans to Restore Power
Wired #2 - 5 weeks ago

Hurricane Henri could leave millions of people in New England without power for up to 10 days
Business Insider #1 - 3 weeks ago

When the Place You Live Becomes Unlivable
Atlantic #5 - 8 days ago

Louisianans from two small bayou towns recall Ida's wrath
NBC #1 - 2 months ago

Hurricane Ida's strength forces mandatory evacuations in Louisiana as Biden declares state of emergency
FOX News #1 - 2 weeks ago

Could Floating Cities Be a Haven as Coastlines Submerge?
Scientific American #1 - 7 months ago

“People Will Lose Their Lives”: Texas Isn’t Doing Enough to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Deaths, Critics Say
ProPublica #1 - 5 weeks ago

500,000 without power in Texas as Tropical Storm Nicholas churns slowly across state
NBC #1 - 3 weeks ago

Pamela forecast to intensify into hurricane and bring life-threatening flooding to parts of Mexico and Texas
CBS #1 - 9 days ago

Ida devastation continues: Coroner says alligator killed missing man, thousands still without power and caskets stuck in mud
USA Today #1 - 2 weeks ago

For scientists studying ‘disaster fatigue,’ this has been a year like no other
Science #1 - 8 months ago

Louisiana residents who didn't evacuate wait for power, water, communication to be restored
NBC #1 - 2 months ago

Hurricane Ida was almost certainly made worse by climate change
New Scientist #3 - 2 months ago

Tiny Satellites Could Help Warn of the Next Big Hurricane
Wired #1 - 3 weeks ago

Tropical Storm Elsa Soaks NYC As It Races Up East Coast
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The climate crisis is already upending American real estate — with trillions at stake
Business Insider #1 - 2 months ago

How Hurricane Ida Got So Big So Fast
Scientific American #3 - 2 weeks ago

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