Actor Kim Seon-ho ads taken down amid controversy
Korea Herald #13 - 2 days ago

Many Doctors are Switching to Concierge Medicine, Exacerbating Physician Shortages
Scientific American #2 - 3 days ago

Snap Shares Plunge Over 25% After New Apple Policy Hurts Quarterly Revenue
Forbes #2 - 10 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon and Starbucks held talks about launching a new co-branded lounge that combines cashierless Go stores with cafes
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Inside a European push to outlaw creepy ads – TechCrunch
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McAuliffe Backtracks on Parents' Involvement in Education: 'I’ve Always Valued the Concerns of Parents'
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Retailers want nothing to do with Columbus Day
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How to Be Agile in the Midst of Uncertainty
Psychology Today #1 - 5 weeks ago

Democrats’ shrinking health care ambitions
Vox #1 - 11 hours ago

Biogen's controversial Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm is bombing
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Tesla debuts new car insurance that uses Texans’ real-time driving behavior – TechCrunch
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The best cheap car insurance in Idaho
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Amazon rolls out in-store pickup for products ordered from local retailers – TechCrunch
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Retailers hope for sales recovery amid 'Living with COVID-19' scheme
Korea Herald #2 - 2 days ago

California Will Require Retailers To Include Gender-Neutral Toy Sections
Snopes #1 - 16 hours ago

Companies use six-figure salaries and $15,000 bonuses to lure in 80,000 truckers during supply jam
Daily Mail #1 - 13 hours ago

The ‘Broadband Gap’ Is Now a Housing Problem
Wired #1 - 20 hours ago

New York City Food Businesses And Nonprofit Accuse “Free Meals Power Broker” Of Upcharging Rent
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[Us and Them] People living in poverty become targets of hate in Korea
Korea Herald #6 - 3 days ago

Why helping people pay rent can fight the pandemic
NPR Online News #3 - 22 hours ago

Samsung SDI inks deal with Stellantis for joint battery factory in US
Korea Herald #7 - 12 hours ago

Car trouble hits manufacturing stats
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Ford invests $316M to build electric power units at UK transmission facility – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #2 - 3 days ago

Climate change: Fossil fuel production set to soar over next decade
BBC News #1 - 1 day ago

Think resort fees are too high? A lawsuit claims the fees made Marriott tens of millions.
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SoftBank-backed Oyo files for $1.16 billion IPO – TechCrunch
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The Incredible Disappearing Hotel Breakfast—and Other Amenities Travelers Miss
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Trump Reportedly Close To Selling D.C. Hotel Following Reports Of Large Financial Losses
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Crypto Miners Struggle to Cut Carbon Emissions
Wall Street Journal #9 - 17 hours ago

‘Cynical and grotesque’: NSW coalmine allowed to use future pit rehabilitation as offset for habitat destruction
Guardian - 4 hours ago

Chemistry Nobel awarded for technique to produce mirror molecules
New Scientist #1 - 2 weeks ago

Coal jobs are nearly gone in West Virginia. It's 'coal culture' that's driving Manchin's resistance to Democrats' clean-energy plans.
Business Insider #15 - 12 hours ago

Here's why Zillow won't be buying any more homes to renovate and resell this year
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Rugged showcases its layout-printing construction robots – TechCrunch
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Five things to know about our latest Surfside condo collapse investigation
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[Herald Design Forum 2021] Herald Design Forum ponders ‘What comes after?’
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