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Gary Paulsen, who wrote the beloved young-adult novel ‘Hatchet,’ dies at 82
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NYC, Denver public libraries will continue to lend out all Dr. Seuss titles
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Why more public libraries are doubling as food distribution hubs
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Publishers Worry as Ebooks Fly off Libraries' Virtual Shelves
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New York Public Library Will Not Pull ‘Canceled’ Dr. Seuss Titles, Says It ‘Does Not Censor Books’
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An App Called Libby and the Surprisingly Big Business of Library E-Books
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Largest public library system in U.S. says it is ending late fees in push for a 'more equitable system'
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PHOTOS: Improvised Library Brings Joy Of Books To Kids Living In Gang Territory
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143,518 US public library workers are keeping their communities informed, connected and engaged – but their jobs may be at risk
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Arizona Librarian Fired for Push to Keep Politics Out of Libraries
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NYC public libraries to end late fees for overdue books and materials
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A Joy Of Reading, Sparked By A Special Librarian Determined To 'Make A Difference'
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New York Public Libraries Removes Late Fees, Enabling Over 200K to Check Books Out Again
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NYC public libraries will end late fees in push for equity
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Librarians could be jailed and fined under a proposed censorship law
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Brooklyn Librarian Becomes Unlikely Star With Her Bilingual Story Time
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National Library of Korea sends 1,000-plus books to libraries abroad
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Chicago Public Libraries Are Staying Open Even Though Librarians Say It Is Not Safe
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Libraries Across The United States Are Ending Fines For Overdue Books
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Missing Ink: Darwin Notebooks, Long Unseen, Now Believed Stolen
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Our Towns: How Libraries Are Tackling Digital Equity
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Chicago Shuts Down, but Its Public Libraries Are Open. Librarians Want Them Closed.
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‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ Library Performance For Kids Sparks Outrage
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The Paper-To-Pixels Workaround Activists Want To Use To Keep Libraries Online
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New York Public Library will keep Dr. Seuss books on its shelves: Here's why
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University of Wisconsin Publishes Reading List on ‘Disrupting Whiteness’
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Virginia Library Invites ‘Preschoolers,’ ‘Babies,’ ‘Toddlers’ For ‘Drag StoryBook Hour’
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Wyoming librarians under fire for books about sex, LGBTQ issues
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NY Public Library keeping Dr. Seuss books in circulation
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The Story of the Library of Alexandria Is Mostly a Legend, But the Lesson of Its Burning Is Still Crucial Today
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Library Apologizes For Hosting ‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ To Entertain Children
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Grassy Oasis Emerges at New York City’s Lincoln Center
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What We Get Wrong About Medieval Libraries
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How to get library books on your Kindle for free and borrow the latest titles
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