Is Laura Kuenssberg leaving Westminster?
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Live Dungeons & Dragons Shows Are Inviting More Players to the Table
Wired #2 - 18 hours ago

Alec Baldwin fires prop gun on set of movie, killing a crew member and injuring director
CNBC - 9 hours ago

‘He Takes Questions All The Time!’: Deputy Press Secretary Rebuffs Reporter Who Calls Out Biden’s Basement Act
Daily Caller #7 - 2 hours ago

The YouTube Challenge: CEO Susan Wojcicki built a $1 trillion video empire by avoiding scrutiny and not being Facebook. Now the rules are changing.
Business Insider #1 - 17 hours ago

The ‘Broadband Gap’ Is Now a Housing Problem
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One dead, another injured during prop gun mishap on set of Alec Baldwin film ‘Rust’
New York Post #2 - 2 hours ago

What we know so far about Trump's planned social media platform
NPR Online News #1 - 11 hours ago

General Motors unveils new high-end GMC Sierra Denali and AT4X pickups
CNBC #6 - 10 hours ago

Evolve Hadean Carbon Series Review: Terrifying Fun
Wired #2 - 17 hours ago

Brian Laundrie’s remains found in Florida park, FBI confirms
New York Post #1 - 4 hours ago

Another report hits media for lack of Latinos in films, TV
Axios #4 - 9 hours ago

New York City Food Businesses And Nonprofit Accuse “Free Meals Power Broker” Of Upcharging Rent
Forbes #1 - 15 hours ago

States Are Toughening Up on Genetic Privacy
Wired #3 - 16 hours ago

Celtics games have been turned off in China after one player's pro-Tibet tweet
NPR Online News #3 - 11 hours ago

Facebook is a news media magnet
Axios #5 - 15 hours ago

‘Red Notice’ Is Netflix’s Biggest-Ever Investment In A Film—Here’s How Its Other Blockbusters Stack Up
Forbes #2 - 14 hours ago

Facebook's Name Change Won’t Fix Anything
Wired #1 - 1 day ago

From comic books to Vice Media: Where the next generation of Murdochs has invested their billions
Business Insider #2 - 2 days ago

Washington Post makes masthead changes, adds new product chief
Axios #1 - 2 days ago

National Review Fundraiser: Help Fight Partisan Press
National Review #1 - 15 hours ago

Microplastics May Be Cooling—and Heating—Earth’s Climate
Wired #2 - 1 day ago

Netflix posts solid beats on earnings and new subscribers
CNBC #4 - 2 days ago

"Printing Hate" details U.S. newspapers' roles in lynchings
Axios #1 - 3 days ago

Facebook plans to change its name as part of company rebrand – report
Guardian #2 - 1 day ago

The Mathematics of Cancel Culture
Wired #2 - 1 day ago

Facebook Expands Harassment Policy to Protect Public Figures
Snopes #1 - 14 hours ago

Yale Law School Students to Media: ‘What the Actual F—!’
Washington Free Beacon #1 - 9 hours ago

Stock futures are flat after S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite see fifth straight day of gains
CNBC #1 - 3 days ago

How Hackers Hijacked Thousands of High-Profile YouTube Accounts
Wired #2 - 1 day ago

"No-code" miracle: Commercial internet jobs have exploded since 2012
Axios #2 - 2 days ago

Press freedom coalition calls for end to Assange prosecution, after shocking reporting on CIA misconduct
Freedom Press #1 - 3 hours ago

FBI raids home of Russian oligarch and Putin associate Oleg Deripaska
CNBC #6 - 2 days ago

More Covid Vaccine Boosters Are Coming. Who Should Get Them?
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Carolyn Hax: She plans to ‘disappear’ on dreary job and landlady
Washington Post - 2 days ago

How screwed are Democrats in the Senate?
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Apple unveils new AirPods with magnetic charging and MacBook Pro laptops
CNBC #2 - 3 days ago

With 'Dune,' Frank Herbert Designed the Maxi Pad of the Future
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Nobel Peace Prize for journalists serves as reminder that freedom of the press is under threat from strongmen and social media
The Conversation #1 - 2 weeks ago

Dear Sophie: Any advice for getting media coverage for my startup? – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #1 - 3 weeks ago

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