Inside the Biden briefing room, some things are still Trump-like
Independent #1 - 3 months ago

Russia expels British journalist Sarah Rainsford, who said the move is 'devastating'
Business Insider #1 - 4 weeks ago

Taliban to let around 200 Americans and other foreign citizens fly from Kabul
NBC #1 - 2 weeks ago

Snowden says Assange prosecution shows Biden’s lip service to ‘brave journalists’ on World Press Freedom Day rings hollow
RT #1 - 2 months ago

At his first press conference, Biden sent a surprisingly scathing message to Republicans | Holly Baxter
Independent #1 - 6 months ago

Israeli airstrike destroys Gaza media building housing the offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera
Business Insider #1 - 2 months ago

DOJ internal watchdog to investigate Trump-era leak hunt targeting lawmakers, journalists
NBC #1 - 3 months ago

WikiLeaks draws liberal ire after it compares Tucker Carlson to Assange as Fox host accuses NSA of SPYING on him
RT #1 - 3 weeks ago

Naomi Osaka has forced us to reevaluate what we expect of our sports stars
Independent #1 - 3 months ago

Some journalists at the New York Post were reportedly skeptical of publishing 'smoking gun' stories about Hunter Biden
Business Insider #1 - 10 months ago

White House Press Corps Pushes Psaki On Why Biden Won’t Take Questions
Daily Caller #3 - 15 hours ago

Migrant kids held in US custody soar to 15,500 as journalists & rights advocates demand to see conditions inside ‘border camps’
RT #1 - 4 months ago

Julian Assange is not on trial for his personality – but here’s how the US government made you focus on it
Independent #1 - 10 months ago

PITCH-DECK LIBRARY: Search through over 150 pitch decks that startups including Uber, Postmates, and Airbnb used to raise millions
Business Insider #3 - 13 months ago

In a Pennsylvania town, a Facebook group fills the local news void
NBC #1 - 3 months ago

Biden administration ‘refuses’ to clamp down on ‘left-wing political violence’ in Portland, GOP lawmakers claim
RT #1 - 5 weeks ago

Rejection of Assange extradition is a victory for freedom of the press – but the media silence is worrying
Independent #1 - 6 months ago

Dominion's lawyers demand Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Parler preserve posts by Trump and other far-right figures, ahead of threatened defamation lawsuits
Business Insider #2 - 8 months ago

Biden to sit out Covid briefing as part of a new plan to talk to Americans
NBC #1 - 6 months ago

Candace Owens skewers MSNBC’s Reid over ‘missing white woman syndrome,’ points to disparities in reporting of police violence
RT #2 - 13 minutes ago

Facebook is too big to bring to heel – and regulation isn’t working
Independent #1 - 5 months ago

Pro gamer TimTheTatman will leave Twitch for YouTube in exclusive streaming deal
Business Insider #2 - 3 weeks ago

Biden's first news conference offers opportunity — and risk
NBC #1 - 4 months ago

‘Watch out! There’s a journo about’: GCHQ blacklisted reporter shining light on UK spy agency’s shady activities, emails reveal
RT #1 - 8 months ago

United Nations calls on US police to halt use of force against journalists covering protests
Independent #1 - 12 months ago

Capitol riot online investigation: When the FBI asked for my footage from Jan. 6, I had a choice to make.
Slate #2 - 5 weeks ago

Analysis: How the media created a 'superpredator' myth that harmed a generation of Black youth
NBC #1 - 8 months ago

Taliban promises peace, amnesty, rights ‘within Sharia law’ & ‘narcotics-free’ Afghanistan in first intl media press conference — RT World News
RT #1 - 4 weeks ago

Biden Walks Away As Reporter Shouts ‘Why Do You Continue To Trust The Taliban?’
Daily Caller #1 - 5 weeks ago

George Floyd initial police report: How should journalists handle police statements?
Slate #1 - 3 months ago

Apology from Members of Snopes Senior Management
Snopes #1 - 7 hours ago

White House admits to ‘flagging problematic posts’ for Facebook, says it’s necessary to fight medical ‘misinformation’
RT #1 - 3 weeks ago

Media Spreads Misleading Context About Atlanta Police Officer’s Comments On Massage Parlor Shooter
Daily Caller #1 - 6 months ago

Psaki Blames Prime Minister Boris Johnson For Biden Refusing To Take Questions In Oval Office
Daily Wire #1 - 11 hours ago

AP Urges DeSantis to End Bullying Aimed at Reporter
Snopes #1 - 14 hours ago

Western media use images of PRO-government rally, protest in Miami to illustrate Cuban unrest as Havana warns of ‘soft coup’
RT #1 - 3 days ago

Psaki Dodges On White House Revealing Which Facebook Posts It Flags As Misinformation
Daily Caller #1 - 2 months ago

Media Bury Story That US May Have Fired on Crowd at Airport
Consortium News #1 - 3 hours ago

Statement: AP ‘Horrified’ by Israeli Attack on Its Office
Snopes #1 - 2 months ago

Pentagon ‘assessing systems’ after TENS OF THOUSANDS of servers compromised in global Microsoft hack… blamed on ‘Chinese hackers’
RT #1 - 4 months ago

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