Elizabeth Holmes ‘was in charge’ of Theranos, says Gen. Mattis
Verge #1 - 12 hours ago

Australia denies it recommitted to French submarine program just hours before AUKUS pact announcement
RT #2 - 24 minutes ago

Amazon's planned department stores could have robots, QR codes, and touchscreens in futuristic dressing rooms, a report says
Business Insider #2 - 4 hours ago

Why has Sabina Nessa’s murder not dominated the news? Take a wild guess
Independent #1 - 20 hours ago

Microsoft’s fall Surface event: the 7 biggest announcements
Verge #1 - 23 hours ago

Melbourne, reeling from protests against Covid-19 restrictions, sets new world record for longest lockdown
RT #1 - 6 hours ago

KEPCO to up electricity rate for 1st time in 8 yrs amid rising costs
Korea Herald #1 - 87 minutes ago

Trump appeared to admit in a lawsuit that NYT report on his taxes — which his lawyer had dismissed — is actually true
Business Insider #2 - 2 hours ago

Why these Facebook research scandals are different
Verge #2 - 5 hours ago

Send Haitian migrants to GITMO? Report that small detention facility in Guantanamo Bay will house migrants sparks outrage
RT #1 - 11 hours ago

Pregnant women, teens to be inoculated in Q4
Korea Herald #4 - 5 hours ago

Fed Chair Powell says he's powerless to protect the economy if Congress lets the US default on its debt
Business Insider #1 - 17 hours ago

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 review: foundational fixes
Verge #1 - 2 days ago

‘Worse than SLAVERY’: Democrat Maxine Waters slams Border Patrol ‘whipping’ Haitian migrants
RT #1 - 2 hours ago

Tighter regulations on digital sex crime take effect
Korea Herald #1 - 4 hours ago

We are always closer to nuclear war than we like to believe
Independent #1 - 8 days ago

The first patient testimony about a Theranos test result: a miscarriage that wasn’t
Verge #2 - 1 day ago

'Grow up' on climate change, U.K.'s Boris Johnson tells world at U.N. General Assembly
NBC #6 - 3 hours ago

FDA greenlights Pfizer booster shots for elderly & those aged 18+ at ‘high risk’ from Covid-19, leaving room for interpretation
RT #1 - 9 hours ago

Trumpism and Bidenism have much in common when it comes to letting down allies
Independent #1 - 5 days ago

Facebook is starting to share more about what it demotes in News Feed
Verge #2 - 6 hours ago

Infrastructure, debt and trillions in spending: Where Congress stands on key deadlines
NBC #1 - 1 day ago

‘Workers have no interest in war with China’: Australian trade unions slam nuclear submarine deal with US & UK
RT #1 - 11 hours ago

The climate crisis is a water crisis for the poorest and most vulnerable communities
Independent #1 - 2 days ago

iPhone 13 review: yep, bigger batteries are better
Verge #2 - 2 days ago

FDA OKs Pfizer's booster shot for older adults and people at high risk
NBC #1 - 10 hours ago

US futures inch higher ahead of Fed meeting after Evergrande payment plan soothes some investor nerves
Business Insider #1 - 24 hours ago

Covid-19 appeared in the US before Wuhan, Chinese scientists claim in new research paper
RT #1 - 2 hours ago

FDA clears Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine boosters for vulnerable groups
Verge #3 - 15 hours ago

Hungry and desperate: Climate change fuels a migration crisis in Guatemala
NBC #1 - 12 hours ago

2 fringe doctors created the myth that ivermectin is a 'miracle cure' for COVID-19 — whipping up false hope that could have deadly consequences
Business Insider #1 - 6 days ago

By letting Saudi Arabia off the hook over 9/11, the US encouraged violent jihadism
Independent #1 - 2 weeks ago

Jabra Elite 3 review: nailing the essentials for $80
Verge #2 - 6 days ago

US ‘hegemony’ has ‘failed miserably’ & sanctions amount to ‘crime against humanity,’ Iran’s president says in fiery UN address
RT #1 - 20 hours ago

Congress keeps playing chicken with a rule that could torpedo the economy. Here's what the debt ceiling is — and why it's so dangerous.
Business Insider #1 - 1 day ago

We must not give up on the people of Afghanistan. Abandoning them is in neither our interests nor theirs
Independent #1 - 5 weeks ago

GoPro Hero10 review: familiar body, new brains
Verge #2 - 7 days ago

Nuking the Filibuster Is the Obvious Way to End This Dumb Debt-Ceiling Standoff
Slate #1 - 9 hours ago

Police fire rubber bullets at anti-vax protesters in Melbourne as demonstrators storm war memorial (VIDEO)
RT #1 - 12 hours ago

Joe Biden has plenty of responsibility to shoulder over deadly mistakes in Afghanistan
Independent #1 - 4 weeks ago

Japanese Breakfast on composing Sable’s sprawling ambient soundtrack
Verge #2 - 3 hours ago

New Litvinenko & Skripal allegations against Moscow timed to distract from West's defeat in Afghanistan, Russia's top spy claims
RT #1 - 53 minutes ago

Freshworks is worth $13 billion after a 32% IPO pop. Its CEO explains how its smaller size will be an advantage over rivals like Salesforce and Microsoft.
Business Insider #1 - 73 minutes ago

In Afghanistan's 'moment of reckoning,' the Taliban lead a harsher-than-promised crackdown
NBC #1 - 2 hours ago

EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones
Verge #1 - 4 hours ago

Beto O’Rourke isn’t the best candidate. Here’s why we need him to stand for governor of Texas anyway
Independent #1 - 2 days ago

New cases in 1,700s for 3rd day; post-holiday resurgence in store
Korea Herald #4 - 55 minutes ago

Haitian migrants being released into US on ‘very large scale’ despite Biden’s vow to send them back home – reports
RT #1 - 17 hours ago

Ivermectin misinformation has poisoned Amazon’s platform, with few fixes planned
Verge #1 - 3 weeks ago

Nicki Minaj has met her match in Chris Whitty – let’s settle it with a rap battle
Independent #1 - 6 days ago

Doctors desperately want pregnant women to get vaccinated. It's an uphill battle.
NBC #1 - 19 hours ago

Workers say employers have been guilty of ghosting them for years
Business Insider #1 - 21 hours ago

Epic has appealed Friday’s ruling in the Epic v. Apple case
Verge #1 - 10 days ago

Biden’s domestic agenda hangs by a thread as Democrats go to war
Independent #1 - 10 hours ago

Private-equity firms are locked in a power struggle with their investors, and lawyers are raking in cash no matter what
Business Insider #1 - 3 days ago

Kremlin says ECHR's claim Russia behind Litvinenko poisoning 'unfounded,' arguing court has no evidence of Moscow's involvement
RT #1 - 12 hours ago

iPhone 13 deals are extra aggressive this year, here’s why
Verge #1 - 3 days ago

The inside story of how Better quadrupled its workforce during the pandemic and became one of the top startups in America
Business Insider #1 - 1 day ago

Future SpaceX Tourist Flights Will Have Better Toilets (and a Kitchen), Elon Musk Promises
Observer (NY) #1 - 3 hours ago

Internet down - latest update: Major outage hits Amazon, UPS, PlayStation and dozens more
Independent #1 - 2 months ago

Activision Blizzard employees walk out of work to protest rampant sexism and discrimination
Verge #1 - 2 months ago

Dan Savage Revolutionized Sex. Then the Revolution Came for Him.
Slate #1 - 30 minutes ago

Service workers saying 'I quit' are pushing up wages and shutting down the tradition of tipping your waiter
Business Insider #1 - 23 hours ago

Thank you, Gillian Anderson, for releasing us from the scourge of bras
Independent #1 - 2 months ago

Tern GSD S10 LX electric cargo bike review: no more excuses
Verge #10 - 7 days ago

NHL Investigation Finds No Proof Evander Kane Gambled On His Own Games, The League Is Investigating Sexual Assault Allegations
Daily Caller #2 - 2 hours ago

Piers Morgan is coming back to American screens to roast all the rude little madams with liberal views
Independent #1 - 6 days ago

8 killed, 6 injured as shooter opens fire at uni in Perm, Russia; shocking footage shows students jumping from windows (VIDEOS)
RT #1 - 3 days ago

OnePlus says no 9T this year, 2022 flagship will run merged Oppo OS
Verge #1 - 3 days ago

A leaked tax plan draft shows how Democrats want to raise $2.9 trillion from wealthy Americans and big corporations, rolling back Trump-era tax cuts
Business Insider #1 - 10 days ago

El Salvador could be hit by a ‘crypto crash’ after it adopts bitcoin – and would be powerless to do anything
Independent #1 - 2 weeks ago

House passes stopgap bill to avert government shutdown, debt default
NBC #1 - 1 day ago

Super Mario 64 probably won’t be the last million-dollar video game
Verge #1 - 2 weeks ago

Nevermind the lawsuit – maybe the Nirvana baby deserves more than a dollar now he’s a grown-up?
Independent #1 - 4 weeks ago

The Secret to Beating Nintendo’s Absurdly Hard New Party Games
Slate #3 - 25 minutes ago

‘Let Me Respond To Your Lie’: Greg Gutfeld And Geraldo Rivera Trade Barbs In Heated Exchange
Daily Caller #1 - 8 hours ago

The grid needs to smarten up to reach clean energy goals
Verge #1 - 3 months ago

Our economic model is broken – but are G7 leaders brave enough to do anything about it?
Independent #1 - 5 weeks ago

Hurricane Henri could leave millions of people in New England without power for up to 10 days
Business Insider #1 - 3 weeks ago

Gas price in Europe smashes historic high as EU debates limiting Russian imports
RT #1 - 8 days ago

House votes to overturn Trump’s veto on $740bn defence bill
Independent #1 - 7 months ago

Pentagon feigns concern over civilian-killing Afghan drone strike…after 20 years of indiscriminately mowing down the innocent
RT #1 - 4 hours ago

Biden pays respects to the 13 fallen US service members killed in Afghanistan at Dover Air Force Base
Business Insider #1 - 2 weeks ago

Trump vetoes military spending bill, setting up standoff with GOP lawmakers
NBC #1 - 7 months ago

Epic tests Apple with new request: let us relaunch Fortnite in Korea
Verge #2 - 2 weeks ago

Olivia Jade’s Dancing With The Stars debut was a spectacular misstep
Independent #1 - 1 day ago

How abortion patients and providers are faring under SB 8.
Slate #1 - 19 hours ago

Business owners need to figure out holiday shopping yesterday
Business Insider #1 - 5 weeks ago

CBS’s ‘The Activist’ seems to think doomscrolling equals activism
Verge #1 - 2 weeks ago

One killed in Grand Canyon as warnings of flash floods and thunderstorms across US this weekend
Independent #1 - 2 months ago

Property owners are paying up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to lift their homes above flood zones during dangerous hurricane season
Business Insider #1 - 3 weeks ago

Hurricane Ida intensifies rapidly, will become one of strongest storms to hit Louisiana ‘since at least the 1850s,’ governor warns
RT #1 - 13 hours ago

US secretary of state ‘not seen evidence’ Hamas were operating in media tower block destroyed by airstrike
Independent #1 - 2 months ago

The late CEO of a $1.2 billion publishing firm left control of the company to an exec he'd had a relationship with, rather than his family. His son called it 'salt in an open wound.'
Business Insider #1 - 2 months ago

Trump Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against New York Times Over Illegally Obtained Tax Records
Daily Caller #1 - 20 hours ago

‘War zone’: Sweden rocked by two overnight explosions, and politician points to gang-crime
RT #1 - 1 day ago

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