Sandy Hook families settle for $73 million with gunmaker Remington: "True justice would be our 15-year-old healthy and here with us"
CBS #3 - 2 months ago

California Moves Forward With Gun Control Bill That Mimics Structure Of Texas Abortion Ban
Forbes #2 - 5 weeks ago

How Johnson & Johnson could use the "Texas two-step" to cap its baby powder liabilities
Axios #2 - 8 months ago

J&J is using a bankruptcy maneuver to block lawsuits over baby powder cancer claims
NPR Online News #2 - 4 weeks ago

Supreme Court won't hear Johnson & Johnson's appeal of $2 billion talcum powder verdict
NBC #4 - 7 months ago

Families of Sandy Hook massacre victims say Remington bankruptcy intentionally leaves them in the cold
CNBC #1 - 5 years ago

Biden Gun Speech Filled With Falsehoods
Washington Free Beacon #1 - 3 months ago

Johnson & Johnson wins a key court battle in baby powder case
NPR Online News #5 - 2 months ago

Firearm Industry Groups Sue New York For Permitting Lawsuits Over Gun Misuse
Forbes #3 - 2 months ago

J&J exploring putting talc liabilities into new business that would file for bankruptcy, sources say
CNBC #5 - 5 years ago

Black women's organization sues Johnson & Johnson over talcum-based powder
CBS #4 - 2 months ago

Biden falsely claims gun manufacturers 'can't be sued'
FOX News #5 - 3 months ago

Good News, Bad News for J&J’s Baby Powder - The American Spectator
American Spectator #2 - 5 weeks ago

The Justice Department Moves To Block The Purdue Pharma Sackler Bankruptcy Deal
NPR Online News #11 - 3 weeks ago

Sandy Hook families reach $73m settlement with gunmaker
Al Jazeera #7 - 3 weeks ago

A bankruptcy court granted the Sacklers immunity from all future opioid lawsuits, and the family agreed to pay a $4.3 billion settlement
Business Insider #7 - 9 months ago

How Sandy Hook Families Took on a Gun Manufacturer—and Won
Slate #3 - 2 months ago

What Made the Sandy Hook Families' Lawsuit Against Remington Unique
Time #5 - 3 weeks ago

Appeals court considers paving way for Purdue Pharma deal
Al Jazeera - 2 weeks ago

Dunkin' is the latest chain to be sued over injuries caused by hot coffee spillages. An expert says these types of cases are frivolous and very difficult to win.
Business Insider #24 - 1 day ago

Supreme Court rejects Johnson & Johnson request to halt talcum powder suit
CBS #21 - 4 weeks ago

Remington to Pay Sandy Hook Families $73 Million in 'Wake-Up Call' to Gun Industry
Time #8 - 2 months ago

More Trouble For Embattled Skincare Firm Rodan + Fields: Its Insurer Is Suing
Forbes #6 - 2 months ago

Johnson & Johnson fails to overturn $2.12 billion baby powder verdict, plans Supreme Court appeal
Reuters #32 - 8 months ago

How J&J tried to worm its way out of paying $3.5BN to victims of cancer causing baby talc
Daily Mail #2 - 7 days ago

Sandy Hook families: Gun maker trying to wipe out lawsuit
Associated Press #5 - 11 months ago

Johnson & Johnson places talc injury claims in bankruptcy
FOX News - 2 months ago

Remington's Insurer Pays the Danegeld. The Rest of Us are Stuck with the Dane.
OpEdNews #3 - 7 months ago

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Johnson & Johnson Challenge Of $2 Billion Baby Powder Lawsuit
Forbes #7 - 12 months ago

Johnson & Johnson talc powder spinoff files for bankruptcy
CBS #18 - 3 weeks ago

‘It’s A Disaster’: Joe Biden’s Gun Plan Could Bankrupt The Firearms Industry, Advocates Say
Daily Caller #2 - 14 months ago

Purdue Pharma ex-head Richard Sackler denies responsibility for opioid crisis
FOX News - 4 months ago

U.S. judge declines to stop J&J from splitting talc liabilities from main business
One America #9 - 3 weeks ago

Biden Sets His Sights on Destroying the Gun Industry
Townhall #8 - 2 months ago

Rep. Katie Porter calls out Johnson & Johnson over trying to split company during baby powder lawsuits
Business Insider #48 - 4 months ago

Former head of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma denies blame for opioid crisis
CBS #16 - 4 months ago
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