Hospital Cancels Patient's Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

    Hospital Cancels Patient's Life-Saving Kidney Transplant
    Last updated: 2 months ago
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    • The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals in Ohio recently announced that COVID-19 vaccination is required for solid organ transplants. [1]
    • An unvaccinated Ohio woman with stage 4 liver cancer has had transplant surgery suspended because of this new rule. [2]
    • The woman's life could be in jeopardy without the lifesaving surgery. [3]
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    Left narrative

    The vaccine requirement is justified because it is for the safety of the donor and recipient. The woman refusing the vaccine is an anti-vaxxer.

    Right narrative

    Patients should have the right to refuse vaccination if they can guarantee staff safety with a negative COVID test, or it's the ultimate coercion.

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