Apple To Adapt As EU Approves Phone Charger Reform

    Apple To Adapt As EU Approves Phone Charger Reform
    Last updated: 1 month ago
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    • Apple may have to change the charging ports for iPhones sold in the EU starting in fall 2024 after the European Parliament approved a new law on Tuesday requiring electronic devices to use a single universal type of charging port. [1]
    • The new rules would require most devices to have USB-C connectors. iPhones currently use non-compatible Lightning cable chargers. However, Apple is reportedly already working on an iPhone with a USB-C port that could be available as soon as next year. [2]
    • According to the European Commission, the new rules would allow consumers to reuse chargers, saving them around €250M ($248M) annually. The commission also estimates that mobile-phone charges make up approximately 11k tons of electronic waste every year in the EU. [3]
    • Apple has previously said that the move would hurt innovation and create a mountain of waste from electronics. However, European analysts have said the move may become a sales driver in 2024 as Europeans are encouraged to buy new devices with USB-C ports. [2]
    • The European Commission agreed on the plan in June. It now moves to the European Council — made up of representatives of EU countries — for final approval. [1]
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    Narrative A

    Universalizing charging ports is a great move that will simplify many consumers' lives while also preventing e-waste. This latest plan is a clear victory for everyone; it's time for Apple to get on board.

    Narrative B

    Regulating charging port technology is an unnecessary overreach by the government, as forcing conformity in technology will stifle innovation and harm consumers. The potential environmental benefits may also be outweighed by the financial and environmental costs of replacing technology that is no longer compliant.

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