Ardern: No Plans for New Zealand Republic After Queen's Death

Ardern: No Plans for New Zealand Republic After Queen's Death
Last updated Sep 13, 2022
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  • New Zealand's PM, Jacinda Ardern, has said she believes her nation will become a republic "in her lifetime," however, her government doesn't intend to pursue the constitutional reform needed to remove the new King as head of state.[1]
  • She also recognized the relationship between New Zealand - which is still part of the British Commonwealth - and the UK following Queen Elizabeth II's death last Thurs., saying it was "deeply valued by our people."[2]
  • Several of the 14 Commonwealth nations - referred to as 'realms' - have revived conversations concerning their commonwealth membership following the accession of King Charles III. Australia's PM Albanese has instructed his first minister to begin researching the process of transitioning to a republic, while Antigua and Barbuda plan to hold referendums before 2025.[3]
  • Such a referendum isn't reported on the immediate agenda for New Zealand, with Ardern stating that she "never sensed the urgency" to remove the largely ceremonial role to replace with a citizen as the head of state.[4]
  • Worldwide, several ex-British colonies have observed national days of mourning with the Queen's passing, including Pakistan and Bangladesh. Cuba, a nation with no links to the Crown, declared a day of national mourning last Fri., and one will be observed in New Zealand on Sept. 22.[5]
  • Public attitudes towards the monarchy in New Zealand are complex. While 75% of the population made an effort to see Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to the nation in 1953, crowds had reportedly dwindled by her 2002 trip. However, the Crown holds close ties to the Indigenous population through the Treaty of Waiting (1840) - a legislative milestone between the Maori people and New Zealand's government.[2]


Establishment-critical narrative

The British monarchy is one of world history's most brutal, thieving regimes. It's no surprise so many Commonwealth nations appear set to sever imperialist ties in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death. Good on the nations likely seeking to liberate themselves from this anachronistic and oppressive system - New Zealand should follow suit.

Pro-establishment narrative

Although Ardern says New Zealand's eventual transition to a republic will "probably happen," it's more accurate to say it will "indefinitely probably happen." The New Zealand population is pragmatic, and they won't support an expensive and complicated measure that potentially risks jeopardizing established relationships between Indigenous peoples and the government when there's little material gain.

Establishment split



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