Republicans in Arizona County Delay Certification of 2022 election

    Photo: Matt York/AP Photo

    The Facts

    • In a vote on Monday, the Republican majority on the Cochise County Board of Supervisors pushed back certification of the 2022 election until Friday, citing concerns about voting machine malfunctions on election day. The board's decision could put the votes of some 47K county residents at risk, as Monday was the deadline for certifying the election results, otherwise called the canvass.

    • Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake — who lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs — and others in the GOP have pointed to printer malfunctions in Maricopa county on the day of the election, claiming the problems substantially altered results. The remarks came despite Maricopa election officials’ insistence that no one was prevented from voting.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    It is preposterous that Democrats think they can get away with such flagrant violations of the US's election laws and procedures. Even if the election was not rigged, the printer "malfunctions" are highly suspicious and need to be thoroughly investigated.

    Democratic narrative

    Though it has been over two years now since the 2020 Presidential election, election deniers are still working hard to disrupt American democracy. The issues in Maricopa county are concerning, but there is no evidence that the voters were unable to cast their ballots or that the election was somehow "stolen." The Republican party continues to be a bastion of conspiracy theories and Trumpism.

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