Australia Demands China Investigate Laser Allegedly Pointed at Warplane

    Photo: Ian Forsyth/AP [via ABC News]

    The Facts

    • Australian PM Scott Morrison demanded on Monday that China investigate a Chinese warship that allegedly shone a laser at an Australian Air Force jet.

    • Morrison called the incident, which took place off the northern coast of Australia on Thursday, an "act of intimidation."

    The Spin

    Anti-China narrative

    China's actions were completely inappropriate and unprovoked. This is an escalation in China's illegal attempts at deterring Western Freedom of Navigation Operations. China is trying to see what it can get away with to intimidate Australia short of a full-fledged act of war.

    Pro-China narrative

    PM Morrison is fabricating this story to prove his toughness against China and gain an advantage in the upcoming Australian elections. The Australian aircraft provoked the Chinese ship by flying too close and Australia isn't telling the whole story.

    Establishment split



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