Axon Halts Taser Drone Plans After Members of Ethics Board Resign

    Photo: Axon Enterprises Inc/AP [via The New York Times]

    The Facts

    • On Sun., Axon Enterprises - the law-enforcement company best known for developing the Taser - announced it's halting plans to develop stun-gun-equipped drones after several members of the company's ethics board resigned.

    • The announcement comes after Axon unveiled its plans on June 2. The company proposed the new technology to combat mass shootings, alleging that the drones would immobilize an active shooting remotely in 60 seconds.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    While it's understandable that everyone is desperate to find a solution to the epidemic of mass shootings, developing and selling Taser-equipped drones isn't the way to go. At best, the idea is unachievable. At worst, it opens a pandora's box in the already fatal arsenal of police weaponry to potentially prey on vulnerable communities.

    Narrative B

    Although Smith's new idea certainly raises questions and may not prove to be the most effective solution to America's gun problem, at least someone is trying to think outside the box. So far, politicians have been utterly inept in addressing mass shootings, and - while taser-equipped drones may not be the answer - a new approach is needed.

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