AZ Democrats Censure Sen. Sinema for Filibuster Vote

Photo: Getty Images [via Mother Jones]

The Facts

  • The Arizona Democratic Party's executive board has formally censured Sen. Krysten Sinema for her vote to maintain the filibuster in the Senate.

  • Sinema was one of two Democrats to reject the filibuster change, which would have allowed the Democrats to pass a voting reform bill with 51 votes. The bill lost 52-48.

The Spin

Left narrative

Sinema's vote killed Democrats' last, best hope to protect American democracy. She cites concern about future Republican actions unhindered by the filibuster, but they're already enacting voting restrictions at a state level that could be stopped by a reform bill.

Right narrative

Sinema is entitled to favor the filibuster over a system with unchecked majority control. She has the freedom to vote as she wants. Censuring her is the culmination of a pathetic tantrum by a party that can't get its way.

Cynical narrative

Censuring Sinema is another example of the ideological purity push that's making Washington dysfunctional. Actions like this show Democrats and Republicans are catering to the extremes of their parties. They neglect moderate and independent voters at their own peril.

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