Baltimore Prosecutor Indicted on Federal Charges

    Baltimore Prosecutor Indicted on Federal Charges
    Last updated: 10 months ago
    Image credit: Julio Cortez/AP


    • Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore's state attorney, has been indicted on charges including perjury. [1]
    • Federal prosecutors allege that, to buy Florida vacation homes, Mosby lied about being qualified to withdraw large sums from a retirement fund and misstated her financial position on mortgage applications. [1]
    • Mosby maintains her innocence and has offered to make herself available to the grand jury to present exculpatory evidence. [1]
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    Right narrative

    Mosby is the new face of the lawless, progressive Left. She has been soft on crime and too quick to prosecute police. Now her own personal corruption has been revealed.

    Left narrative

    The charges are a politically motivated attack, arriving just five months before she was set to be re-elected on the merits of her progressive approach to prosecution.