Belarus Grants Asylum to Capitol Riot Suspect

    Photo: AP [via New York Times]

    The Facts

    • Evan Neumann, wanted by the FBI on charges including striking police officers at the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, has been granted asylum in Belarus.

    • Neumann fled the US one month after the riot and had sought asylum last year claiming he was facing political persecution in the US.

    The Spin

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Lukashenko's regime in Belarus is well-known for human rights abuses, yet it has granted asylum to a man facing legitimate charges. This is a political move intended to cover up domestic problems caused by the authoritarian regime and to fan anti-US propaganda narratives.

    Pro-Russia narrative

    Belarus, like Russia, is being demonized in the US media. The country has opened its arms to help an American-who has strenuously maintained his innocence-evade political persecution at the hands of the FBI.

    Establishment split



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