The Facts

  • On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed it would roll out a new program for Venezuelan migrants seeking to enter the US and return those who illegally cross the border to Mexico under a Trump-era pandemic rule.

  • The humanitarian parole program is available to 24k Venezuelans who must have a US sponsor to support them for up to two years and meet certain health requirements.

The Spin

Republican narrative

In a shoddy attempt to win political points ahead of the upcoming midterms, Pres. Biden has decided to implement a colossal giveaway to Venezuelans at the expense of Americans. The plan includes many holes — such as overreliance on Mexico's cooperation — and will give corporations access to cheap immigrant labor, hurting American workers already dealing with a tight economy.

Democratic narrative

This plan continues Biden’s humanitarian approach to immigration, especially toward Venezuelans, whom he previously gave Temporary Protect Status (TPS) starting in March 2021. These people are fleeing a dangerous, unstable country, and the US can afford to take them in. Although this plan would be better if it did more to accept migrants without sponsors, it’s a step in the right direction.

Public figures in this story

Political split



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