Biden Appealing Court's Rejection of "Social Cost of Carbon"

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    The Facts

    • The Biden Admin is appealing a federal judge's ruling against its new standards for calculating the 'social cost of carbon' (SCC).

    • SCC calculations -- which provide a dollar estimate of the damage caused by releasing one metric ton of greenhouse gases -- are used for decision making on an array of federally-funded projects.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    Carbon emissions really do take a costly toll, and the emitters should pay it. The Court's short-sighted ruling has a dramatic impact on federal programs. It creates a bureaucratic nightmare and could backlog federal reviews on vital energy, transport, and infrastructure projects.

    Right narrative

    It's great news that the Court quashed Biden's fictitious calculations. An increase of this scale would only be allowable under emergency circumstances, which are not evident here. Moreover, Biden's bureaucrats aren't even attempting to provide such a justification; their case relies entirely on the claim that halting the standards would be too much paperwork for them.

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