Biden to Propose Change to Affordable Care Act

    Photo: Getty Images [via The Daily Mail]

    The Facts

    • President Joe Biden has announced intentions for his administration to tweak the Affordable Care Act.

    • The so-called 'family glitch' has prevented an estimated 5M people from being eligible for the ACA despite being unable to afford care through private health insurace markets.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    The reunion of Obama and Biden under the pretense of changes to the ACA is actually intended to raise the President's popularity, which has been dented by record inflation, sluggish economic recovery, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    Left narrative

    Biden is right to praise the work of the Democrat party against attempts by Republicans to undermine the ACA and its benefits for the American people. It seems that he is finally ready to regain political momentum ahead of the midterms.

    Political split



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