Biden Unveils Plan to End Hunger in the US by 2030

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The Facts

  • On Wednesday, at the first White House conference on health and nutrition in more than 50 years, Pres. Biden revealed $8B in commitments from the private sector to help the administration’s goal of ending hunger in the US by 2030.

  • Among the donors will be some of the largest corporations in the US. Philanthropies focused on expanding access to healthy food have committed to donating $4B.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

It’s unacceptable that food and nutrition insecurity remains so high in such in the wealthy United States. These proposals are a perfect balance between private and public investments. We need this collaboration to end not just hunger but also diet-related diseases that are afflicting the US.

Republican narrative

If Biden wanted to reduce food insecurity and hunger, shouldn't have signed the giant stimulus bills that contributed to debilitating inflation. Food prices are through the roof and rising, and the president's hefty social spending is to blame.

Cynical narrative

Never mind 2030, there are Americans desperate for help putting food on the table right now. The White House needs to step up by bolstering food banks immediately. If this crucial first step is successful, it could be a strong start to its longer-range plan.

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