Blinken Lays out US Strategy to Counter China

    Blinken Lays out US Strategy to Counter China
    Last updated May 27, 2022
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    • In a speech on Thurs., Sec. of State Antony Blinken explained the US' approach to competing with Beijing and said that the admin. seeks to turn the international bloc against Russia's invasion into a broader coalition to counter what it considers a more serious and long-term threat from China.
    • Without dismissing the threat of Russia, Blinken said that China is "the only country that has both the intent to reshape the international order - and, increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power to do it."
    • However, he did make it clear that the US isn't seeking another "Cold War," and that the relationship between Washington and Beijing wouldn't be defined by geopolitical aggression, as China is an integral part of the global economy.
    • Blinken defined the US strategy toward China as being made of three goals for the next 10 years: invest, align, and compete.
    • Blinken pointed out that the US and China "have to deal with each other for the foreseeable future" on issues like the climate and COVID, calling their relationship one of the most "complex and consequential relationships" the US has.
    • During the speech - which comes days after Pres. Biden said the US would get involved militarily if there was an invasion of Taiwan - Blinken also reiterated that the US doesn't back Tawainese independence, and hasn't changed its Taiwan policy.


    Democratic narrative

    Blinken's speech was a strong statement of where the US stands in terms of China's threat to the world order. His focus on not igniting another Cold War was a critical aspect of his address, and he charted a solid path for both working with, but also competing against, China.

    Republican narrative

    Blinken's speech was just another example of Biden admin. officials having to deal with the blowback of Biden's constant gaffes. Though the US has a clear commitment to Taiwan, Biden's remarks only incited trouble and were simply not productive.

    Establishment-critical narrative

    The US is playing political games. Blinken's long-awaited speech was unexciting, showcasing the US' hypocrisy when it comes to China and global affairs. Though Blinken sought to portray China as some sort of global rule-breaker, it's the US that has spent the last 30 years, if not longer, trampling the international order and bullying smaller and weaker nations.

    Political split



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