Boris Johnson Voices Support for Trans Athlete Ban

    Photo: AP Photo [via Townhall]

    The Facts

    • On Wed., UK PM Boris Johnson voiced his support for banning transgender women from female sports, as well as for women-only spaces in prisons, bathrooms, and hospitals.

    • This follows the barring of transgender cyclist Emily Bridges from competing in the women's British National Omnium championship last weekend.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    Trans people are often misrepresented in the sports community. Inclusion policies need to be created to mediate this extremely complex and fast-evolving issue. Bridges is a disappointing example of trans athletes not being given a fair chance to compete. Nobody should be forced to choose between who they are and participating in the sport they love.

    Right narrative

    Boris Johnson rightly supports the restriction of biological males from competing against women, where they have a biological advantage. Females across Britain are dropping out of sports due to the pressure of competing against transgender women; the PM's comments demonstrate his commitment to maintaining a fair playing field for all.

    Political split



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