British Virgin Islands Premier Arrested on Drugs Charges

Photo: Government of the British Virgin Islands [via NBC News]

The Facts

  • Andrew Fahie, premier of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), was arrested at the Miami airport on drug smuggling and money laundering charges, according to information released by the DEA on Thursday.

  • Fahie, 51, was detained by US agents posing undercover as Mexican drug cartel members. The investigation began several months prior, in the fall of 2021.

The Spin

Narrative A

The arrest confirms the recently released UK report about the overall state of corruption and misuse of taxpayers' money. It's time for the current government to be dissolved. The UK should take back control until good governance can be re-established.

Narrative B

While this is appalling behavior from two high-level government officials, it doesn't reflect the nation or the government as a whole and shouldn't be used to justify the suspension of the BVI's constitution - a move that would be a step back for democracy.

Narrative C

The arrest of two high-level officials on drug-related charges sends a clear message: anyone involved in smuggling drugs into the US will be prosecuted, no matter who they are or what their position is. This is a win for the DEA.

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