CA Gov. Newsom Runs Ads in FL Attacking DeSantis

    Photo: AP [via Business Insider]

    The Facts

    • CA Gov. Gavin Newsom bought $105k worth of ads that began airing on Fox News in Florida this week attacking the Sunshine State and Gov. Ron DeSantis over recent legislation. Specifically, the 15-week abortion ban and the Parental Rights in Education law dubbed the"Don't Say Gay" law.

    • In one of the ads, Newsom declares, "freedom is under attack in your state." After running down the list of actions FL officials have taken to, in his opinion, restrict or revoke rights, he stated, "I urge all of you living in Florida to join the fight, or join us in California, where we still believe in freedom."

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    It's about time that a Democrat proactively took the fight to the GOP, and it's refreshing. More Democrats should take a page from Newsom's book and go on the offensive against the Republicans and their atrocious policies.

    Republican narrative

    DeSantis and the Republican legislature have kept FL at the forefront of the fight for freedom in the face of mandates, restrictions, and woke indoctrination in schools. FL's policies are popular, so Newsom's attacks are simply landing on deaf ears.

    Political split



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