Calvin Ridley Suspended Indefinitely for Betting on NFL Games

    Photo: Getty Images [via NPR]

    The Facts

    • Calvin Ridley, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL for violating its gambling policy.

    • During five days in November, Ridley reportedly placed bets on NFL games while formally away from the team for a non-football illness.

    The Spin

    Establishment-critical narrative

    This is unjust and hypocritical. The league has already concluded that no Falcons games were compromised, and much less severe penalties have been given for actual crimes like domestic violence. Riddley is simply being made an example of as the league navigates a newfound gambling culture.

    Pro-establishment narrative

    The Falcons may have hoped to get Ridley back for the 2022 season, but will have to continue without him for another year. Ridley broke the rules and was suspended. No one player is above the rest, and his actions placed the integrity of the game at risk.

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