Cawthorn Faces Criticism for Lavish Spending

    Photo: The Daily Beast

    The Facts

    • Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has come under fire for reportedly spending nearly $5K in taxpayer money on expenses including a visit to Skylaranna, a luxury resort, on Aug. 6-10, 2021.

    • That same week, he tweeted: "Democratic politicians certainly love wasting your hard-earned tax dollars."

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Cawthorn is a hypocrite. While he was tweeting shots at Democrats about wasting taxpayer money, there he was, living in luxury on their dime.

    Republican narrative

    Cawthorn may have a long list of mistakes and liabilities, but his strengths in the political domain overshadow this. He's a fundraising juggernaut with immense name recognition, who still remains the favorite to win in May.

    Political split



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