CDC Announces Restructuring Amid COVID Shortcomings

Photo: The Wall Street Journal

The Facts

  • After calling for an in-depth review in April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky announced a reorganization of the agency on Wed. after allegations it fell short in its COVID response.

  • Among the changes announced were restructuring the communications office, revamping its website to make public health guidance easier to find, and increasing the use of 'pre-print' reports for disseminating information to the public more quickly.

The Spin

Right narrative

Don't restructure the CDC - disband it. No apology is going to make up for the way the CDC stripped Americans of their freedom during COVID, and flip-flopped in its advice about almost everything. This agency has outlived its usefulness.

Left narrative

This important institution has been underfunded for a long time. This restructuring is a testament to Director Walensky's leadership - she's being transparent about her agency's shortcomings and is willing to take steps to make necessary structural changes. Her announcement will help make America safer from future pandemics.

Political split



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