China Allegedly Asked Russia to Delay Invasion of Ukraine

    Photo: Sputnik/Reuters [via NY Times]

    The Facts

    • Chinese officials allegedly told Russia to delay the planned invasion of Ukraine until after the close of the Beijing Winter Olympics, according to Western intelligence.

    • Putin met with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping in the Chinese capital on the eve of the Winter Games. The summit resulted in a statement of joint cooperation and condemnation of NATO expansionism.

    The Spin

    Pro-establishment narrative

    We are witnessing the start of a new Cold War, with Russia and China joining a non-agression pact and authoritarian states facing off against liberal democracies around the globe. China is taking a bold swipe at the Western alliance by wading into Western European security disputes.

    Establishment-critical narrative

    What we're seeing in Ukraine is the predictable backlash of a cornered Russia against 30 years of NATO expansionism; expansion that came despite well-documented US assurances to the contrary, and which would inevitably reach the boundaries of Russia. Taking Russia's security concerns seriously would have avoided the Ukraine tragedy.

    Anti-China narrative

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a strategic coup encouraged by Xi Jinping. He encouraged the conflict and is now taking notes on the Western response to plan a Taiwan invasion and other acts of international aggression.

    Establishment split



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