Colombia: 6 Dead and Hundreds Injured in Bullfighting Accident

    Colombia: 6 Dead and Hundreds Injured in Bullfighting Accident
    Last updated: 2 months ago
    Image credit: Reuters [via Al Jazeera]


    • At least six people are dead, including one child, and hundreds were injured after a wooden spectator section collapsed at a bullfighting festival in El Espinal, Colombia on Sunday. [1]
    • During the popular event known as "corraleja," video footage shows three levels of the stands collapse, trapping the spectators. Nearby spectators were seen running to remove debris. [2]
    • At a press conference on Sun. night, the health authorities announced that 322 people involved in the collapse had sought medical attention at area hospitals. [3]
    • Earlier Sun., the Governor of Tolima state, José Ricardo Orozco asked that the popular event be suspended, however, it was held anyway. President-elect Gustavo Petro has urged local officials to ban any future events that could involve the death of people or animals, while current Pres. Iván Duque announced an investigation into the tragedy. [4]
    • According to local media, there weren't enough ambulances to care for the wounded, and area hospitals were overwhelmed with patients. Ambulances from nearby cities were dispatched to help. [5]
    • The head of the regional civil defense agency, Luis Fernando Velez, stated that the bullring was "bamboo structure" and was "pretty unstable." He stated that the organizer of the event should've foreseen this disaster. [2]
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    Establishment-critical narrative

    In 2020, Colombia finally put wheels in motion to end the barbaric spectacle of bullfighting. The draft law passed in Bogota to ban the practice will hopefully spread nationwide. This cruel practice endangers both animals and spectators and must come to an end.

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Bullfighting has a long history in Colombia and is a cultural and artistic institution, especially among elder members of the establishment with conservative viewpoints. Laws should uphold this expression of the nation's rich history.

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