The Facts

  • Top members of the US Congress have unveiled a short-term spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown. The funding extension is likely to pass by Friday at midnight when current funds expire, but the process may come down to the wire.

  • The bill would fund the government through Dec. 16, allowing negotiators time to agree on a spending package for the 2023 fiscal year. A vote to begin the debate process Tuesday is seen as a crucial referendum on Senator Joe Manchin’s (R-W.Va.) proposal on oil and gas permitting.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

Government shutdowns are disruptive and hurt the very people lawmakers are working to protect. Neither party wants a shutdown - especially ahead of the November elections - and this short-term spending bill will ultimately show how Congress will come to a solution.

Establishment-critical narrative

As much as lawmakers hope to avoid a government shutdown, it might be unavoidable. Many GOP lawmakers refuse to vote for Manchin's proposals, and progressives are joining an alliance of what Manchin calls "strange bedfellows." There's no guarantee that the institution of Congress will keep the federal government funded.

Establishment split



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