New Congressional Maps Approved in NY

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images [via CNN]

The Facts

  • NY state judge Patrick McAllister finalized the state's new congressional maps late Fri. night. The state Supreme Court appointed a "special master" after throwing out previous iterations of the maps earlier this year.

  • The new map forces two veteran Democratic incumbents to compete against each other and boosts GOP odds in the Nov. midterm elections.

The Spin

Republican narrative

Even liberals recognize that it was hard to defend the New York State congressional map for 2022, which is clearly unconstitutional. Fearing a landslide defeat in November, Dems. are desperately trying to retain power in the House of Representatives by gerrymandering and leaning on their woke allies in state Supreme Courts.

Democratic narrative

The GOP is the long-standing expert on gerrymandering. Without a national standard, Democrats are forced to replicate some of the Republicans' approach to questionable cartography. The same scrutiny must apply to GOP maps nationwide.

Establishment-critical narrative

Both Democrats and Republicans gerrymander massively, making American democracy far from fair. Election laws should change.

Political split



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