Cuba: Hotel Saratoga Death Toll Rises to 31

Photo: AP [via Time]

The Facts

  • Fatalities from a blast at a downtown Havana hotel on Fri. morning grew to 31 on Sun. as search crews hunted through the rubble of the building looking for people still missing. At least 54 people were reportedly injured, with 24 hospitalized.

  • An investigation is still underway, but the blast is believed to have been caused by a gas tanker parked outside the Saratoga Hotel in Old Havana igniting.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Building collapses are unfortunately all too common in Cuba due to its inefficient centrally planned economy. While the government prioritizes healthcare and education, building safety has been woefully neglected, despite adverse natural conditions.

Pro-establishment narrative

This blast was an ill-fated event. The hotel had recently been refurbished, and the tragic accident had nothing to do with the building's structure or the government's priorities.

Establishment split



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