Cyclone Mandous Makes Landfall in India

Photo: Babu/Reuters

The Facts

  • On Friday, Cyclone Mandous barreled towards India’s southeastern coast as authorities deployed nearly 400 disaster relief personnel in Tamil Nadu state and urged residents to stockpile essentials.

  • Mandous made landfall near Mamallapuram, bringing heavy winds and rains to coastal regions. The storm strength weakened throughout Friday according to India's meteorological agency.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

Tamil Nadu’s government is taking all steps to ensure its residents are equipped to endure the impacts of Cyclone Mandous. From providing instructions on necessary measures to monitoring the storm’s development in every district, public officials have a comprehensive "all hands on deck" approach for navigating this storm.

Establishment-critical narrative

Government officials have a glaring gap in their preparation for Cyclone Mandous — the agricultural sector. Many farmers were reportedly not warned of the incoming storm, and the government did not provide tarps needed to protect crops from the severe weather. Once the cyclone passes, it will be evident if agriculture was harmed by this planning snafu.

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