Dem.Election Official Resigns Over Texas Vote-Counting Problems

    Photo: Shelby Tauber/Reuters [via New York Post]

    The Facts

    • Isabel Longoria, the elections administrator in Harris County, Texas, announced her resignation on Tues. after a mail-in ballot counting discrepancy.

    • The Harris County Republican Party is suing Longoria after approximately 10,000 uncounted ballots were found on Sat., four days after the primary elections.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    Yet again, Democrats prove that they're incompetent and guilty of the crimes of which they accuse Republicans. This disaster is the exact reason why Democratic partisans shouldn't be in charge of counting votes: they'll just try to cheat like they always do.

    Democratic narrative

    This was an honest mistake now being remedied, not some malicious attempt at voter fraud. The missing mail-in ballots were overwhelmingly Democratic. The election officials, including Democratic County Judge Lina Hidalgo, are working to ensure that such issues don't happen again, unlike Republicans and Trump, who continue to subvert American democracy.

    Political split



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