DR Congo: M23 to Withdraw from Occupied Territory

    Photo: Reuters [via DW]

    The Facts

    • The M23 rebel group reportedly plans to withdraw from territory it controls in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The group says it supports regional peacemaking efforts.

    • M23 is a predominantly Tutsi group with ethnic ties to Tutsis in neighboring Rwanda. Relations between the group and authorities have been tense, with the Congolese government having blamed a November massacre of 272 civilians in the eastern town of Kishishe on M23.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    M23 is dedicated to promoting peace and stopping genocide at the hands of the DRC government. M23 is committed to withdrawing from its positions within the eastern DRC. However, it cannot maintain those commitments if the Congolese government continues targeted attacks and killings of Tutsi people.

    Narrative B

    M23 has been a humanitarian threat to the DRC and all of eastern Africa since its inception. Hundreds have died and thousands have been displaced due to the group’s atrocities — M23 must abide by the ceasefire agreement and follow through on its commitment to withdraw from the DRC.

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