Djokovic to be Granted Visa for Australian Open

Photo: Getty Images [via Bleacher Report]

The Facts

  • After being deported in January due to his unvaccinated status, Australia will reportedly overturn tennis star Novak Djokovic's three-year ban and grant him a new visa to play in the 2023 Australian Open.

  • After winning the ATP Finals in Turin, Italy Monday night, the Serbian tennis champion told reporters that his team is "communicating with the government of Australia,” with Australian Open director Craig Tiley also alluding to Djokovic's return.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Djokovic has been too nice to the Australian government after they treated him like a pariah. Although it will be great to see one of the world's greatest players back on the court, Australia should forever feel ashamed for detaining him like a criminal simply for exercising his right to bodily autonomy.

Pro-establishment narrative

At the time, Djokovic was treated appropriately by the Australian government given the pandemic circumstances and his actions. Not only was the government enforcing its clearly-stated vaccination rules, but Djokovic was caught lying about having visited other countries before arriving. Times are different now, but no one should feel sorry about the past.

Establishment split



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