DOJ Takes Action Against Two Trump Allies

    Photo: Reuters [via The New York Times]

    The Facts

    • The DOJ took action against two close allies of former Pres. Trump on Tues., filing a civil suit against casino mogul Steve Wynn and a superseding criminal indictment against billionaire investor Thomas Barrack.

    • Barrack, a close personal friend of Trump's who served as chair of his 2017 inaugural committee, is alleged to have solicited hundreds of millions in investments from the UAE while at the same time lobbying the Trump admin. on its behalf.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    No one could've predicted the depths of scandal that would continue to emerge from Trump's inner circle. But now you can add Wynn and Barrack to the sordid list, which includes Michael Cohen, Trump's personal attorney; Elliott Broidy, a Trump ally and former deputy RNC finance chair; and Gordon Sondland, Trump's pick for ambassador to the EU.

    Pro-Trump narrative

    This is a stretch by any measure. The suit against Wynn is the first civil prosecution under FARA in over three decades. Wynn never acted as an agent of China and was therefore under no obligation to register as one.

    Political split



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