Esper Details Trump's Past Eagerness to Use Military

Photo: Getty Images [via New York Post]

The Facts

  • In an interview on 60 Minutes - and in a new book - former US Sec. of Defense Mark Esper has alleged that, while president, Trump suggested firing missiles into Mexico to attack drug cartels, among other uses of the US military.

  • Esper, who served from 2019-2020, said he recalled several private discussions with Trump about how it would violate international law.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Esper's allegations are shocking and shed light on how disturbingly authoritarian Trump wanted to steer the US. Not surprisingly, Trump has lashed out at Esper, who joins a growing list of his former confidents who now are targets of his ire. Esper is part of a growing exodus from Team Trump, eager to let the public know that he's unsuited for national leadership.

Pro-Trump narrative

Esper is just the latest former Trump official trying to cash in on supposed salacious stories about the former president. But all he does with his anecdotes is show how bad his instincts were and how right Trump was at every turn.

Cynical narrative

If Esper had dignity and a sense of public service he would've resigned in protest before Trump fired him in 2020, and he would've told the public these stories sooner rather than saving them for his book. With the firehose of similar stories that have come out during and since the Trump presidency, these stories won't move the needle at all now or come 2024.

Political split



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